Girls DELCO Championship

Drexel Hill, PA

Meet Information

2019 Delaware County Girls' Track & Field Championships

May 2th & May 4th

Upper Darby High School 


A. General 

1. The entry fee for the championship meet is $125.00 unless you have previously paid $325.00 for the three meet plan.  The Delaware County track and field championship meet is being conducted by the Delaware county girls' track and field coaches' association.  All contestants must meet PIAA eligibility rules. Events, conditions, etc., are governed by the current national federation of state high school association rule book. 

2. Medals will be awarded to the top 6 places in each event.  Please inform your athletes that we will try to award the medals in a ceremony immediately after the event is finished. Parents are invited to participate.

3. Team scoring will be:  10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

4. Team trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams.

5. In the case of ties, the competitors will flip a coin for the existing medal. 

6. Each school will be permitted 2 automatic entries in each event plus 1 more if all 3 have met the qualifying standards set for this meet. See qualifying standards, page 3.

7. Athletes may not be entered nor compete in more than 4 events.

                If entered in 4 individual events-NO relays

                3 individual - 1 relay

                2 individual - 2 relays

                1 individual - 3 relays

8. Spikes allowed will be " or less only.  Clerks should check spikes at all times. 

B. Track events

1. Trials will be held in all events except the 3200 meter run and the relays (4x100m, 4x400m, 4x800m).  The objective of the seeding and setting of heats will be to advance to a final of 16 runners. Advancement will be by place first then time. 

2. The 200m dash, 400m dash and the 300 intermediate hurdles will be run in lanes all the way. The intent of the seeding will be to seed by time in lanes 4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8.

3. The 800m will be run no more than 16 runners in a heat.

4. The 400m relay will be run in lanes all the way with a 2 turn stagger, while the 1600m relay will be run as a 3 turn stagger with the second runner breaking for the pole after the 3rd turn.

5. Two heat finals will be run slow heat, then fast heat.

C. Field events

1. 3 qualifying trials will be given in all events except the high jump & pole vault. The best 7 competitors will advance to the finals in which all finalists will be given 3 more attempts in reverse order of finish in the trials. All attempts count toward final placement.

2. High jump & Pole vault

 a. Trials and finals will be held for the high jump and pole vault on Thursday at 4:00 p.m.

b. High jumpers will start at 4'4" and the bar will be raised in 2" increments until the bar reaches 5'.  It will then be raised 1" at a time.

c. Pole vaulters will start at 7' and the bar will be raised in 6" increments.

d. Starting heights may be changed due to weather conditions.

               e. The 1 1/2 minute rule will be observed until there are 6 jumpers remaining.

               f. Only 3 consecutive misses will eliminate a jumper.

 3. Hard surfaces will be used for the long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault, spikes no longer than " may be used.

 4. A 1 minute time limit will be used in all field events.

 5. The 10 minute time limit will be in effect when a competitor leaves one event for another.  The competitor must check out with the official.

 6. Throwers will be seeded from worst to best and throw in this order for the trials. The top 7 throwers will return for finals.

D. Seeding rules and regulations

 1. Closing of entries: Entries must be submitted via PA MileSplit @ by Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @ 8:59 PM!!

 2. There will be NO general membership meeting any longer with online entry. Coaches may NOT update entries nor add any 3rd person after the closing of entries.

 3. No names are needed when entering relays online. Coaches must submit 3 x 5 index cards for the finals of the relay events.

 4. Any competitor may be scratched at any time prior to the trials, but no substitution may be made.  You may not scratch a competitor that has qualified to move on.

 5. Implements for the weight events will be supplied or chosen by the association; the javelin, however, may be other than that of the association.

 6. The executive committee will act as the games committee.  The meet director will be Bill Coren and the referee will be Jim Jensen.

 7. Any changes in the meet structure that would be necessary for the safety and health of the competitors will be made by the executive committee.

 8. You may only use times from the spring 2019 season. When entering hand times please mark hand times and the computer will take care of the conversion.

                 Qualifying standards for 3rd entries 

Each team will have 2 automatic entries in each event plus 1 more if all 3 have met these qualifying standards:         

  Event                    Standard/ FAT Standard

                    100                              13.0/ 13.24

                    100 hurdles                 17.5/ 17.74

                    300 hurdles                 50.5/ 50.74

                    200                              27.1/ 27.34

                    400                              63.0/ 63.24

                    800                             2:30/ 2:30.24

                    1600                           5:38/ 5:38.24

                    3200                          13:00/ 13:00.24

                    long jump                   15'6"

                    triple jump                  33'0"

                    high jump                    4'8"

                    shot put                      29'0"

                    discus                         85'0"

                    javelin                         90'0"

                    pole vault                     7'0"

Order of events


Thursday, May 2, 2019 @ Upper Darby HS


4:00 pm                                                                          4:00 pm


Track events                                                                  Field events


300 meter hurdles                                                           Trials and finals

100 meter dash

1600 meter run                                                                javelin / shot put

400 meter dash                                                                triple jump

100 meter hurdles

800 meter run                                                                   high jump

200 meter dash

                                                                                             pole vault 



Saturday, May 4, 2019 @ Upper Darby HS


Track events                                                                                    Field events



5:00 - 3200 meter relay (finals)                                                                4:00   discus

5:20 - 300 meter hurdles (2 heats of 8 finals)                                                              

5:45 - 400 meter relay                                                                                3:45    long jump

6:00 - 3200 meter run (slow heat finals)                                                        

6:20 - 100 meter dash (2 heats of 8 finals)                                           

6:25 - 1600 meter run (final - 12 runners)         

6:40 - 400 meter dash (2 heats of 8 finals)

6:50 - 100 meter hurdles (2 heats of 8 finals)

7:05 - 800 meter run (final - 12 runners)

7:15 - 200 meter dash (2 heats of 8 finals)

7:25 - 3200 meter run (fast heat finals)

7:40 - 1600 meter relay


Medals will be awarded following the completion of each event. Parents will be invited to participate in the ceremony.


Delco results and records will be posted at