Franklin & Marshall High School Invite #1 2020

Meet Information

Franklin & Marshall College

High School Invitational #1

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Entry Deadline - 12.26.2019 at 9:00 PM
Contact Coach Schnabel for MileSplit Passcode -

Order of Events

10:00 am
Pole Vault (B-G)

High Jump (B-G)

Shot Put (G-B)

Long Jump (G-B) then Triple Jump (G-B)

11:00 am 3200 M Relay (B-G) (4X800)

60 M Boys Hurdles

60 M Girls Hurdles

60 M Boys Dash

60 M Girls Dash

1600 M (B-G)

800 M Relay (B-G) (4X200) no blocks

400 M (B-G) no blocks

800 M (B-G)

200 M (B-G) no blocks after first 8 heats

3000 M (B-G)

1600 M Relay (B-G) (4X400) no blocks


Each School is permitted three (3) entrees per event and two (2) relayteams.

Horizontal jumps are limited to two (2) entrees per event.

There will be no finals in any of the running events.

Field events will be conducted in a manner that promotes the most

efficient time management method.

First legal throw and First legal jump will be measured, other marks

must hit minimum standard. (To be determined by field sizes)