Meet Information

Registration help:

Information and Time Schedule Will Be Available Here

Time Schedule Tentative- Will be finalized in March, 2020

Field Begins at 2 4x8 will run at 2pm

Track Events begin at 3

Entry Limits

Horizontal Jumps -2 (due to one pit)

All other field events-3

All running events-4

Relay Limits 1

Payments Please send your entry fee of $125.00 per team ($250.00 per combined teams) by April 01, 2020.

Please make checks payable to the Mount Carmel Area High School Athletic Accountand mail to: Mount Carmel Area School District, 600 West Fifth Street, Mount Carmel, PA17851.

There will be a meeting of all coaches at 30 minutes prior to the first race at the tent at the finish line for the purpose of scratchingcontestants. Substitutions can be made to replace a scratched athlete. However,new entries will not be accepted. Also, you will not be permitted to move yourathlete to a new heat when on opening occurs due to a scratching.

Due to the resurfacing of our track and the addition of the all weather javelin runway, 3/

16 spikes will be required. As of now we intend to use FAT at this years meet. It is our utmost

desire to pursue excellence in providing a track and field meet of superior quality. We anticipate

that all coaches and athletes seek a performance level that demonstrates a high tribute to mans

oldest, greatest sportTrack & Field. Come run on our brand new track, with new javelin and jumping areas redone in Summer of 2018!