Bald Eagle Invitational at White Oak Park

White Oak, PA
Hosted by Baldwin

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions


Keep in mind our goal is to run a safe and careful event. As we get more information we will send it out to you ASAP

1st Annual Bald Eagle Invitational sponsored by

Pro Bike and Run

timed by Miles of smiles

Meet Info:

Serra along with the Baldwin Cross Country Club will be hosting the event.
 Miles of Smiles timing service partnered with PennTrack will provide the services needed to time the race. Herb Cratty will interface with PennTrack for online results the day of the race. At the end of the day, all race results will be on PennTrack. All awards will be provided by Pro Bike and Run of Pittsburgh. You will sign up as usual on the PennTrack web site. All information will be provided there i.e.: A map of the course, List of awards in all categories, a time-line of events, and coaches meeting time.

There are no junior high/middle school races this year.

Fees for 2020 Bald Eagle Invite. are as followed

***All your registered athletes will also pay 2 dollars per athlete for bib numbers. In addition to the team fee. If you register them online and they do not run, you still owe the 2 dollar fee. An individual athlete will pay $25 dollars to enter.

Checks will be made out to Baldwin Cross Country Club and sent to Richard Wright @

5332 Elmwood Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

# Of teams ____ @ 90 dollars= ____

# Of runners____ @ $2 /runner= ____

Total due for Bald Eagle = ____

Please return this form with payment.

If you need assistance with more information contact Richard Wright  Cell# 412-607-1794-or Brian Dzurenda 412-370-3875. We will be happy to assist you.

All editing of participants will be handled by the race managers.

Teams that are delinquent in payments or have a balance owed will be rejected.

Thank you for expressing an interest in participating in this race. Your continued support helps to provide a quality race for all competitors.

On behalf of Serra Catholic's cross country team and the Baldwin Cross Country Club,  we thank you for coming and wish all of the athletes good luck. See you then!

"Course Map:


Top 3 teams in A, AA, and AAA 

Top 25 individuals  A, AA, and AAA  boys and girls

-->Notice this time table will be changed for each classification. A schools Friday AA Saturday morning and AAA Saturday afternoon. We will be on a rolling schedule.

List of Events for Bald Eagle

 A -  Friday, October 2, 2020

4:30 Coaches meeting at the starting line pod. No Athletes permitted here at this time.

5 pm boys

6 pm girls

AA- Saturday, October 3, 2020

 No course preview

7:30 am Coaches meeting at the starting line pod. No Athletes permitted here at this time.

8:00 am Boys' Jv

845 girls jv

930 boys varsity

1015 girls varsity

All AA schools must leave the park by NOON

AAA- Saturday, October 3, 2020

No AAA team may arrive before 12:15 pm. No access will be given until all AA teams have left.

 No course preview

1:00 pm  Coaches meeting at the starting line pod. No Athletes permitted here at this time.

130 boys jv # 1

215 girls jv #1

3:00 boys varsity

3:45 girls varsity

430 boys jv #2

5:15 girls jv #2

no more than 7 in any race. Athletes must carry masks. Stay away from start/finish lines.

White Oak Park Safety Protocols 2020 Invitationals


Before teams arrive, they must follow all Covid-19 safety protocols set in place by their own district. In addition, they will complete a verification form. As teams arrive, each team will be informed of their designated parking area and staging zone. When athletes are not racing they should stay in this area to allow for team distancing and to maintain state-mandated event numbers*. Coaches/athletes are responsible for bringing their own water supply. Masks should be worn by all individuals at all times in this area if medically possible, with exceptions made for hydrating and eating snacks. This is where warm-ups should occur and athletes are permitted to remove their masks during warm-ups. Each staging area will have its own restroom designated area.

Racing Zone:

This zone will include the following distancing pods: the racing area, the coaching pod, the starting line, the runners' pods, and the officials' area. In these areas, masks should be worn by all individuals. Athletes will be instructed on when they may remove their masks and should arrive at their starting pod with the mask already in place.

Coaching Pods: There will be two pods where coaches may be located during their teams' race(s). Coaches are not permitted to be along the course, at the starting line, or at the finish line. This helps maintain event pod numbers.*

Starting Line: The starting line will consist of tow pods that will start in waves at two-minute intervals. Only athletes and the starting official will be permitted in this zone. Masks will be worn to the start line. After being instructed athletes will remove their masks and pin them to their uniform.

The Course: During a race, only athletes actively racing will be permitted on the course. NO previewing the course.

The Finish Line: No coaches are permitted at the finish line. If athletes need assistance an exception may be granted. Athletes will receive (1) one bottle of water at the completion of their race. More water and Gatorade will be available for purchase at a different location.


After the completion of the final  race, teams will have 45 minutes to clear the park. This is imperative for AA teams that need to be completely gone before AAA teams may enter the park. Please be sure to police your area and leave it the same way you found it.

*All number mandates have been met and pod procedures have been approved by Allegheny County and WPIAL.

Maps will be provided at the park for a visual of zones.

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