Purple & White Invitational 2021

Coal Township, PA
Hosted by Shamokin Area

Meet Information

Purple and White Invite

Thank You for attending. A few last minute instructions.

1. Fans are welcome.

2. Limited Concession stand

3. Changes. Please, PLEASE, if you have changes, scratches or substitutions Email me at coachrog@ptd.net along with following up with a text so I know to check my EMAIL. 570-274-2796 text. or at the worst while you are riding to the meet. You can forward those changes to me.

4. Upon arrival at Kemp Memorial Stadium.

A. You may place tents across the TOP of the bleachers. Leaving the middle to bottom for Fans. On the back stretch bleachers, do not place in front of the press box.

you may also place around the stadium, on the hill or along side the bleachers.

B. Please check in to confirm you have no scratches or changes.

5. Our goal is to run full heats, the last thing we want is a race with 2 athletes and the next heat have 3 athletes. This comes back to you. We understand injuries occur and such forth. If you need to scratch please notify the press BOX asap, so we can resend when possible.

6. No Athletes on the Field unless they are competing and warming up. The Center of the Football Field is designated as a warm up area.

7. High Jump is off of the all weather turf on the football field.

8. Javelin is grass runway.

9. Throwing area is spaced between a distance of 150' giving coaches amble ability to coach all your athletes. We plan on moving the field events at a comfortable but fast pace. Your athletes should be warm and ready to perform. As the first flight of girls complete the Discus. They will then move to the Shot Put. We will leave some wiggle room with the flight so we can get every athlete in to compete.

10. Jumping. Long and Triple will be flights. This also will move quickly. Have your marks ready.

11. Coaches meeting at 1:40pm

12. Shot Puts will be weighed in under the visitor Bleachers on the back stretch.

This is a large undertaking. We appreciate your entry into the Purple and White Invite. We look forward to giving everyone a chance to compete.

Coach Rog


Shamokin  Area will be

hosting its 2nd Track and Field Invitational on Friday, April 30th 2021

Our intention to host an Invitational style meet, other than

our traditional Relay venue for the purpose to garner another opportunity for

individuals to improve or their District and League Standings.

Purple & White Invite 2021

Friday April 30th

Order of Events

Field Events

THROWING will start at 2pm.Best Flights Last.First LEGAL throw will be measured. All

others throws require the minimum Distance.4 throws per athlete.
2 Entries per school.

2:00 pmBoys JavelinGirls

Javelin after Boys


Flight of Girls Discus,2nd

flight after 1st


Flightof Girls Shot Put,2nd flight after 1st

1st Flight Boys Discus after Girls, 2nd

flight after 1st

1st Flight of Boys Shot put after Boys Discus,

2nd flight after 1st



Javelin 105'Boys Shot Put 37'Boys Discus 105'


Javelin 80'Girls Shot Put 27'Girls Discus 75'

Jumping will start at 2pm.Best Flights last.First LEGAL jump will be measured. All others

jumps require the minimum Distance.4 jumps

per athlete.
2 Entries per school.

2:00 pmGirls Long Jump

Boys Long

Jump after Girls

Boys Triple

Jump after Boys Long Jump

Girls Triple

Jump after Boys Triple Jump

2:15 pmGirls pole Vault(starting

8'6")Boys (starting 9'6")After Girls

3:00 PmBoys High Jump (starting

5'4")Girls (starting 4'4") After Boys


Jumps: Boys Long Jump 18'Boys Triple Jump 37'

Girls Long

Jump 14'Girls Triple Jump 27'

Track Events

3:00 PMGirls3200 Meter Finals


Rolling Schedule

3:30 PMG/B4x800

Meter Relay Finals

Girls100 Meter High Hurdles Finals

Boys110 Meter High Hurdles Finals

G/B100 Meter Finals

G/B1600 Meter Run Finals

G/B4x100 Meter Relay Finals

G/B400 Meter Finals

G/B300 Meter Intermediate Hurdle


G/B800 Meter Finals

G/B200 Meter Finals

Boys3200 Meter Finals

G/B4x400 Meter Finals


3 athletes per Event

Relays 2 Relays per Event per School


Coaches:Please provide any scratches or changes as

soon ASAP.During the meet if you have a

scratch, please let us KNOW ASAP.Our

plan is to run the least amount of heats and provide everyone the best