PTFCA Indoor State Championship Entry Standards from 2002-2006 Don Rich Jan 6, 2006

Every year we get questions about the entry standards for the PTFCA Indoor State Championship. The easy answer is, they change every year, depending on the performances. It\'s a ranked system. To see the official state rankings, see PTFCA\'s official web site 2006 Official PTFCA rankings. To see what it took over the past four years, click the year of your choice. 2005 PTFCA Indoor Entry Cutoffs 2004 PTFCA Indoor Entry Cutoffs 2003 PTFCA Indoor Entry Cutoffs 2002 PTFCA Indoor Entry Cutoffs

3/1 - PTFCA Indoor State Championships Summary Don Rich Mar 1, 2003

Five Meet Records. Top five US performances including a 63-04.25 Shot Put, a 23-10.50 Long Jump, and a 47.65 400. Dropped batons by the favorites. Gutsy winning performances by lots of underdogs. Even more snow is PA. All in all, it was your typical PTFCA Indoor Championship Meet. ONE OF THE TOP THREE INDOOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS IN THE US YEAR AFTER YEAR!