27th Pennsylvania Track Classic 2011

Malvern, PA

Officials List


Meet Director: Ron Lopresti					High Jump (B +G): GMA, HGP
Meet Referee: Ron Lopresti				            GA, Man. Cent., Con. Valley 
Meet Coordinators: Mike Kelly, Paul Hadzor
Announcer: Bill Lott						Boys Long Jump/Triple Jump: 
Starters: Carl Stoltz, Frank Monastero		            Malvern Prep, CRN , Down. E,
Finish line: Ryan and O’Hara				Hav. School, Penn Charter, Roman 
Results/Medals: Dolores Ginyard, Linda Kelly
								Girls LongJump/Triple Jump: 
								N. Schuylkill, Notre Dame, Robeson
Clerks: Jim Lamb, Ted Abel, Judy Abel			WC East, Rustin, Dock			  Friends Central
Shot Put (B & G): Norristown,
								Epis. Acad. , Cocalico, Hemp., NE

								Discus (B & G): Avon Gr., CBW
								Pn. Wd., O’Hara, Del Val., NE
								Javelin (B & G): Meth., Pope JP II, 		                                                                                    CBW, Kennett, Twin V, PW
								Pole Vault:  Chelt., Rustin, Kane, 
Umpires/Inspectors/Relays/Hurdles: Down. East,		Cen. Columbia	
 Gratz, 	E & S, Radnor, West Catholic, Dobbins

Timing/Finish Lynx: Rich Ames, Jeanne Bullard, Peter Bullard		

Clean-up teams: All team are expected to clean up your area!

Jury of Appeals: Mike Kelly, Dolores Ginyard, Linda Kelly

NOTE: We wish to thank the Great Valley School District for the use of this fine facility.