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Gift your favorite athlete (or yourself) with a subscription to PennTrackXC (and any other MileSplit site) to support the effort it takes to ensure this in-depth coverage.
Benefits including 10% off at these stores

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  • State-wide Event Rankings for current and past seasons
  • Photo Galleries - large photos

Subscriber-only Benefits:
  • 10% discount at select PA running stores
  • High resolution photos by e-mail or CD for 50% less than non-subscription rate

How: Subscribe online with PayPal, send a check to PennTrackXC or call or fax credit card info. If subscribing by PayPal, individuals need to indicate email address in the comments section (if different than the PayPal account)or email to If subscribing by mail, enclose email address to be activated, with your check.
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You may mail a check to:
63 Colfax Road
Havertown, PA 19083

Please remember to include your email address. This is how you will be recognized as a subscriber. It must be the same email associated with your PennTrackXC login username.

We now accept credit cards. Call or fax name (exactly as it appears on the card), type of card, credit card number and 3 or 4 digit security code (usually on the back of card, Amex only - 4 digit on front ), Expiration date, billing address, and phone number or email in case of problems.
phone 610-662-6677
fax 610-853-0730


pay with credit card through PayPal:
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Should you have questions, please e-mail Penntrack.

(Please allow 24 hours after PayPal payment. Activation is not automatic.)

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