Robert J. Burdette Indoor Classic

December 30, 2013 @ Lehigh University-Philip Rauch Fieldhouse in Bethlehem, PA

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With Christmas Day officially behind us, it's time to get back to the track! Competitions in NY and PA will keep you busy throughout the holiday weekend!

Qualifies for...

This meet is a qualifier for the TFCAofGP 49th Meet of Champions.

Additional Information

Meet_Fees : $75 per team (unless Plan One member for association) $10 per individual/ event $15 per relay
(If Boys team is apart of association and on plan 1 -- then you are already paid)

Registration help:

FIELD EVENTS : (Field Event warm up for ALL events 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM)

9:00 AM Girls triple jump (contested in flights); then the Boys triple jump

9:00 AM Shot Put Girls (contested in flights) then Boys

9:00 AM High Jump Boys then Girls

9:00 AM Boys Pole Vault / Girls Pole Vault (CONTESTED SEPARATELY)

RUNNING EVENTS : (Track opens for warm up from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

9:00 AM -
Boys Sprint Medley (400/200/200/800) Finals

Girls Sprint Medley (400/200/200/800) Finals

Boys 60m Hurdles ( Trials)

Girls 60m Hurdles ( Trials)

Boys 60m Dash (Trials)

Girls 60m Dash (Trials)

Boys Mile Run (FINAL)

Girls Mile Run (FINAL)

Boys 400m Run/Dash (FINAL)

Girls 400m Run/Dash (FINAL)

Boys 60m Hurdles (FINAL)

Girls 60m Hurdles (FINAL)

Boys 60m Dash (FINAL)

Girls 60m Dash (FINAL)

Boys 800m Run (FINAL)

Girls 800m Run (FINAL)

Boys 200m Dash (FINAL)

Girls 200m Dash (FINAL)

Boys 3000m Run** (FINAL)

Girls 3000m Run** (FINAL)

Boys Distance Medley** (FINAL)

Girls Distance Medley** (FINAL)

Boys 4x2OOm Relay (FINAL) (1st lap in lanes, exchange, then break)

Girls 4x2OOm Relay (FINAL) (1st lap in lanes, exchange, then break)

Boys 4x8OOm Relay (FINAL)

Girls 4x8OOm Relay (FINAL)

Boys 4x4OOm Relay (FINAL) (scratch start, lanes top two seeded heats)

Girls 4x4OOm Relay (FINAL) (scratch start, lanes top two seeded heats)

** SPECIAL NOTE : Entries into the 3000m Run and Distance Medley Relay will be limited to the TOP FIFTEEN entries. Those not accepted will be notified by e-mail.

ENTRANTS IN THE 3000m RUN MAY USE TIMES FROM THE 2013 SPRING SEASON or FROM THE 2012-2013 INDOOR SEASON (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE DMR) The Distance Medley will be run, 1200,400,800,1600.