United High School

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2018-05-08 Heritage Conference Track and Field Championships
2018-04-24 United vs Marion Center Middle School vs Seeds of Faith
2018-04-23 United vs Penns Manor and Purchase Line
2018-04-21 Appalachian Invitational
2018-04-14 United Invitational
2018-04-12 Jr. High United vs Northern Cambria vs Penns Manor vs Seeds of F
2018-04-11 United vs Marion Center and Saltsburg
2018-04-06 United vs Bishop Carroll vs Seeds of Faith vs Shade
2018-03-27 United vs Northern Cambria and Penns Manor Middle School Meet
2017-05-09 Heritage Conference Track and Field Championships
2017-04-26 United vs. Ligonier Valley
2017-04-20 United vs. Northern Cambria vs Homer Center
2017-04-11 United vs Northern Cambria vs Marion Center - Jr. High Meet
2017-04-08 United Invitational
2017-03-29 United vs Bishop Carroll
2016-05-10 Heritage Conference Championship
2016-04-19 United vs. Saltsburg vs. Northern Cambria
2016-04-16 United Invitational
2016-04-14 United vs. Northern Cambria vs. Marion Center
2016-04-13 United vs. Saltsburg vs. Marion Center
2016-04-12 United vs. Purchase Line vs. Saltsburg
2016-04-06 United vs. Penns Manor vs. Purchase Line
2016-03-30 United vs. Bishop Carroll vs. Penns Manor
2015-05-05 Heritage Conference Championships
2015-04-11 United Invitational
2014-05-06 Heritage Conference Championships
2014-04-12 United Invitational
2013-05-07 Heritage Conference Championships
2013-04-30 United vs Ligonier Valley
2013-04-24 United vs. Homer Center and Northern Cambria
2013-04-03 United vs. Purchase Line and Penns Manor
2012-09-26 Heritage Conference dual meet at United
2012-05-08 Heritage Conference Championships
2012-04-11 United/Homer Center/Northern Cambria
2012-04-04 United/Marion Center
2011-10-05 Heritage Conference dual meet - 4:30pm start
2011-05-10 Heritage Conference Championships
2011-04-06 United vs. Purchase Line
2011-03-25 United vs. Westmont
2010-05-04 Heritage Conference Championships
2010-04-27 United v. Saltsburg v. Northern Cambria

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