Talkin' XC: Regan Rome - Dallas


Athlete: Regan Rome
School: Dallas
Class: 2014

So far in 2013:
» 18:52.74 at PTXC5

» 17:42.84 at the Ed Narkiewicz All-League Meet in 2012


PennTrackXC - How is your fitness now that you are nearing the end of the 2013 season. What excites you most about the meets to come?

Regan Rome: Well this question is a tough one for me! After on-and-off running or no workouts of any kind, my fitness is certainly not great. On a high note, though, I seem to be getting better each day and hopefully will be running more continuously soon!

PennTrackXC - Which 2013 meet has been the most important for you thus far, and what did you learn from the race?

Regan Rome: The only invitational I ran this season was PTXC5, which was important because I realized I needed time off to let my injury heal.

PennTrackXC - What kind of adjustments, if any, have you made this season?

Regan Rome: I have made a lot of adjustments due to my injury. My training has been about 80-percent in the pool these past weeks -- I never want to get in another pool after this season! I am definitely sticking to running!

PennTrackXC - When and how did you get started in cross country?

Regan Rome: I started running in the seventh grade when I went out for junior high cross country. I can still vividly remember my first day of practice and how I was so excited all day. I can even remember exactly what and where I ran that day!

PennTrackXC - Who has influenced you the most in your life and what they meant to you and your success?

Regan Rome: This one is the easiest question. My mom is by far the greatest influence in my life.  She is not only my mom she is my best friend, my inspiration and my mentor.  Whatever words I say about her will not do her justice. She supports every decision I make, motivates me and is always there for me. These past few weeks, she has gone to every single appointment with me and has even gone to the pool with me every single night. She has even started aqua jogging with me! I could not have asked for a better person to be placed in my life.

PennTrackXC - What are your keys to success when it comes to your training program?

Regan Rome: My greatest key to success (especially this season) is having my team always supporting me. This sounds corny, but it is true! When I see them going out and giving it their all everyday it motivates me too.

PennTrackXC - What is your most memorable performance in a cross country race over your career and why?

Regan Rome: I have so many memorable races, but the most memorable had to be Foot Locker Regionals. After having disappointing state races (as a team) it was so nice to end the season on a high note. My whole team and coach were there to share the experience with me which made it even better! Crossing that finish line was one of the greatest feelings ever.

PennTrackXC - What is your greatest non-running experience in cross country so far and why?

Regan Rome: This one is so hard because I honestly have so many! The amount of memories of bus rides, invitationals and runs is crazy.  My favorite memories are certainly from Ship XC camp.

PennTrackXC - What are your goals for the 2013 cross country season?

Regan Rome: To make it to the district and state starting lines healthy!




What's your favorite running related movie?
1. The Long Green Line

Do you prefer Instagram or Vine?
2. Vine all the way!

What's your favorite jam during a long run?
3. I do not listen to music on runs, but if I was going to I would definitely jam out to my man John Mayer.

What's your favorite cheat food?  
4.  I love baked goods. Anything chocolate!