1/31-Upper Dublin Middle School ace Alex Brasington best PA 3k of 10:09.06 @ Penn State College Meet

Alex Brasington, who will attend Upper Dublin High School in the fall of 2005, posted the best 3000m timer of 2004 Indoor in PA this year, a 10:09.06 at a Penn State college meet 1/31/04.

Alex Brasington, #7, in the heat with a who's who of recent PA HS distance running. The results of the race are below, and show Brasington finishing 13th overall. She was in one of two heats, and raced against Janice Ricci, Lauren Shaffer, Molly Landreth, Colleen Flanagan, Carrie Hucko, and Katie Ewart. Also below is the seeding chart with hip numbers for that heat.

1 Pape, Amanda SR Georgetown 9:42.60 F
2 Joyce, Carre SR Villanova 9:45.97 F
3 Slavikova, Eva FR Maryland Eastern 9:48.50 F
4 Flaute, Katie SO Tennessee 9:50.14 F
5 Cauble, Megan SO Tennessee 9:52.96 F
6 Johnson, Tara SR P S U 9:56.10 F
7 Kruppa, Marni SR Georgetown 9:56.59 F
8 Landreth, Molly JR P S U 9:57.46 F
9 Knothe, Sabine SO Georgetown 9:58.41 F
10 Ricci, Janine FR Virginia 10:05.52 F
11 Saterstad, Angie FR Virginia 10:05.57 F
12 Malcolm, Kim SO Georgetown 10:09.03 F
13 Blasinton, Alexandra Unattached 10:09.06 F
14 Davies, Lisa FR Youngstown State 10:10.55 F
15 Moulton, Laura FR Guelph 10:11.96 F
16 Brown, Megan SO U-Guelph 10:16.49 F
17 Kurtain, Nicole SO Richmond 10:17.47 F
18 Connell, Colleen JR P S U 10:17.67 F
19 Flanagan, Colleen JR St. Joseph's 10:19.43 F
20 Matrunick, Kayla JR P S U 10:20.47 F
21 Shaffer, Lauren JR Pittsburgh 10:20.78 F
22 Thomas, Maureen JR P S U 10:33.95 F
23 Ewart, Katie SO P S U 10:37.47 F

Seeding Chart

#1) Laun. Moulton GUEL
#2) Janine Ricci VIRG
#3) Claire Wood JMU
#4) Lisa Davies YOUNG
#5) Collen Connell PSU
#6) Lauren Shaffer PITT
#7) Alex Brasington UNATT
#8) Jenn Downey RICH
#9) Susan Davis WVU
#10) Ka Matrunick PSU
#11) Bil Cartwright UNATTA
#12) Coll Flanagan STJO
#13) Carrie Hucko DUQU
#14) Mau Thomas PSU
#15) Moll Landreth PSU
#16) Katie Ewart PSU