Tom Mallon heading west to mid-distance/distance mecca Stanford


And the choice is... Stanford.

Not a bad place athletically or academically (We jest).


And after making his final college visit in January to the northern California institution. Tom Mallon was sold.


Seated - Thomas Mallon, Standing (L to R) Mike Cox,
Central Bucks South HS Track Coach, Tom Mallon, Kelly Mallon, Alexandra Mallon


First and foremost, the opportunities for great academics and equally great athletics, was a no-brainer.


But the reasons don't end there. 


Mallon has always wanted to live in California. And Stanford was definitely on the list. "But track opened the doors for me," he said. "And made it possible to make my dream a reality."


"The training weather is phenomenal." In fact, Mallon said the campus almost seemed like "some sort of tropical resort." (Compared to PA in the winter, it probably would.)


But it was the direct approach from head XC and distance coach Jason Dunn; now in his second year after many successful years at Virginia; that really sealed the deal.


Coach Dunn told me that they not only wanted me, they needed me."


The program is absolutely loaded with athletes in the longer distances. But in the middle distances, they need some help. And Dunn told him they could see him helping with their DMR from day one, along with other middle distance events.


"In the end, it all made sense to me that Stanford was ultimately where I wanted to be."