Dec 2004-Five goals. One Dream. The Cedar Cliff boys season in their own words.

Just how did Cedar Cliff capture one of just 20 spots in the first Nike Team Nationals? What was their summer training like? Did they have any doubts along the way? Were they worried about teams in their own league, district and state? Why did they go to Great American? How did they prepare? How did they win? Were they concerned about Coatesville and Council Rock North at the state meet? What was it like waiting for word they would be going to NTN? Did everything go as planned or as smoothly as it looked? How did they feel about their NTN performance? Where do they go from here?

PennTrackXC invited the top eight runners on this year's Great American/Mid-Penn/District 3/PIAA AAA State Championship team Cedar Cliff Colts to tell us about their season-in their own words-what it was like and how they did it. And no matter what anyone says about this team, absolutely no one can take away what they accomplished, and the standard they set for future Pennsylvania teams.

The multi-part series will begins Monday, December 27th with #1 man Pat Caulfield. thanks coaches Ken Roseberry and Matt Waggoner, along with the members of the PIAA state champion Cedar Cliff Colts.

December 27 - Pat Caulfield -- "Nothing could prepare me for the magnitude of the race."

December 28 - Tim Johnson -- "I reminded everyone of how bad losing felt."

January 2 - Mike Fulton -- "Throughout the last mile all we heard was 'you guys are losing'."

January 5 - Tyler Longenecker -- "I could see his fear and he could see mine."