And 11 days later... Henderson and O'Hara tie again... but this time... (race video included)



It has been well-documented that West Chester Henderson and Cardinal O'Hara tied at this year's PIAA State Championships - with Henderson taking the AAA title on a tie-breaker. By an INCH.

So what are two teams who are aiming to qualify for Nike Cross Nationals do to move on? Why, work together, of course.

Germantown Friends coach Rob Hewitt; who is also taking his team to NXN Northeast; was looking for a workout before the November 24th meet, and he and Henderson coach Kevin Kelly came up with a 3200 meter workout for November 14th.

The results? Seven guys under 9:30. Nineteen under 10:-00. Germantown Friends' Sami Aziz outkicked PIAA AAA State Champ Tony Russell, 9:14.7 - 9:16.3.

And if you score the meet? Henderson 36 - O'Hara 36. But this time, the tie-breaker goes to O'Hara.

Very cool. And an indication that the US#8 and US#9 teams are on target for a good shot at making Nike Team Nationals.

MileSplit National Editor Aaron Rich interviewed Kelly and Kennedy after the workout. Race video is now posted.


Henderson's top splits courtesy of Kevin Kelly:

Tony-2:21, 4:42, 7:01, 8:09, 9:16

Reiny-2:21, 4:42, 7:02, 8:14, 9:21

Bobby-2:22, 4:443, 7:12, 9:43

Seamus-2:23, 4:45, 7:12, 9:35

Stratman-2:23, 4:45. 7:12, 9:35