Meet Information

When: Saturday June 9, starting at 5:30PM.
Where: Henderson High School in West Chester.
Entry Information: Enter through Pamilesplit. Entries close at 9PM on Thursday, June 7. Race entry fee due on check in.
What: A post-season opportunity for elementary, middle school, high school, college and
open distance runners to compete on a lightning fast track. Cost: $10.00 per athlete for an unlimited number of events.
Concessions will be sold at the meet. Admission-$5
Order of Events: Heets will be co-ed based on seed time. Slow heet 1st.
5:30PM-The Downtown WC Triple Threat Relay 800 meters Shot Put
6:00PM-3000 meters Matt Plevelich Discus
6:20PM- 5000 meters
6:45PM- Thompson Best Energy Solutions Mile
7:30PM-Gertrude Hicks-Elite Womens 800 meters(2 sections)
7:40PM-Chris Ferry Elite High School Boys Mile
7:50PM-John Hay Scholarship Presentation
7:55PM- Joe Plevelich Elite mens 800 meters(2 sections)
8:05PM-The Saddic Family elite womens 1500m
8:15PM-Thompson Homes Elite mens 1500m
Please e-mail Kevin Kelly at for questions about the meet.
There will a limited amount of race night registrations. Registration for all events will close at 5:30PM.

Registration help for teams:

Registration help for individuals:When you click on the green button to enter the meet, it will send you to a register or login in page if you have not logged in. If you do not have a MileSplit (NJRunners) username and password, you have to register and get emailed the password.

Once you receive that, login (top right on gray bar), go to the meet page, click on the green enter online now button, enter individual. It will identify you by name from your username.

Add your contact phone numbers (for meet director's use only) and click enter individual.
It will then tell you "you have not claimed an athlete" and ask you to do a search for an athlete, add your name and search; if you do not find yourself, you may enter a new athlete and enter the meet.

If you find yourself, from being in our system as a high school or college student,and have not already claimed yourself, you must click on your name, go to the profile page, and if it is indeed you, you must claim your page and await admin approval. Then when that arrives (usually the same day), you can enter the meet