Meet Information

max 4 events per athlete

Registration help:

TO: FSL Athletic Directors
FSL Track Coaches (Boys and Girls)
FROM: Brandon Jones (FSL Track and Field Commissioner)
RE: FSL Track Championship May 18, 2013
Complete information on the FSL track and field championship can be found below. Please note the entry instructions. All entries will be checked against the rosters submitted at the start of the season.
Saturday, May 18, 2013
National High School Federation Rules will govern the meet. Each contestant may be entered in a maximum of four (4) events, which includes being named as an alternate in the 4x100m. or 4x400m. relays.
Each school is allowed a maximum of three (3) entries per individual varsity event. JV events have unlimited participation.
Each school is allowed one (1) entry per relay event. A maximum of six (6) athletes may be listed per relay. Please note that being entered as an alternate on a relay counts towards an athletes maximum participation of four (4) events. All relays must submit a relay card upon arrival at the check-in tent that reflects four (4) athletes entered to ensure accurate results.
Entries are due via by 10:00am on Thursday, May 16, 2013. Coaches must enter both Varsity and Junior Varsity events online. Athletes competing in the JV 100m., 400m., or 1600m. are not eligible for varsity competition. Once all entries have been processed, all coaches will be emailed a meet program by Friday, May 17th at noon. Athletes that do not appear on the team roster submitted at the start of the season will not be permitted to compete in championship events.
Scratch Rule. The FSL Track and Field Championship is a no scratch meet. Coaches may not make any substitutions or changes in events after the meet program has been made available to coaches on Friday, May 17th. An athlete may be scratched during the coaches meeting at no penalty on the day of the meet, though no substitutions will be accepted. An athlete who must scratch from an event after the coaches meeting is not eligible to compete in any subsequent events in the meet. Earlier performances will stand.
Scoring will be: 8 6 4 2 1 Individual
8 6 4 2 Relays
Each boys and girls team will be asked to provide one (1) coach to help with the running of an event.
Each school is encouraged to bring and use their own pole, shot, disc, and javelin. Athletes may ask to borrow an implement from Westtown if needed. All implements must be measured and approved at the check-in tent from 8:00-8:30 a.m. prior to competition.
Opening height for the pole vault will be 6 for girls and 7 for boys.
Opening height for high jump will be 4 for girls and 5 for boys.
Each jumper will get three (3) attempts to clear a height and the bar will be raised in increments of 2.
Each thrower will get three (3) attempts and the top six (6) athletes will advance to the finals. As per FSL rules, in the event there are nine (9) athletes or less there will be no finals and each athlete will receive four (4) attempts.
Medals will be awarded to the top three (3) places in each event at the conclusion of the meet.
Championship plaques will be award to the top boys and girls teams at the conclusion of the meet.
Coaches Meeting at 8:30 AM at the check-in tent on the infield.
We will not move more than 15 minutes ahead of the time schedule.