Warrior XC Invitational 2016

West Chester, PA

Meet Information

WARRIOR xc Classic(on the Track)
When-Wednesday, November 16-1st race at 6:00PM
Why-as a tuneup for nxn, or Footlocker or a chance to run a fast 3200 off of xc fitness.
Details-1st race will be at 6:00. We will run as many heats as necessary. It will probably be about 4 sections. We will run the fast section last. Races will be run based on seed time so they will be mixed by gender. Entries are due via e-mail to kevin Kelly by Tuesday 11/17 at 8;00pm.
Entry procedure-send entries in an excel spreadsheet with the following columns, last name, 1st name, sex, seed time. Send them to kkelly1@wcasd.net. We will have a limited number of race day entries. Sections will be posted on www.runccrs.com on Wednesday morning.
Eligibility-this race is open to all athletes of all abilities.
Entry Fee-$5.00.
Amenities-a chance to race with and against some great runners. Enjoy the camaderie of the warmup and cooldown with a big group. We will have some awards, but the best award will be the satisfaction of running fast.
More details and on-line registration at www.runccrs.com.