12th Annual Hoka One One Henderson Invitational 2017

West Chester, PA

Meet Information


The Hoka One One Henderson Track and Field Invitational has become an outstanding meet with many great teams and performances showing the talent that this area has to offer. The meet will, of course, be hosted at West Chester Henderson High School on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The meet will start at 12:30PM. For more information, visit www.runccrs.com and go to the calendar page/.
Please submit this page with your team's entry check (payable to Henderson Track and Field) to the following address by April 2, 2017: We need commitments from out of state schools by March 1 in order to get the proper sanctions.
Kevin Kelly - Track Coach, c/o Henderson High School
400 Montgomery Avenue, West Chester, PA 19380
The entry fee is $130 dollars per team, or $250 per school if both girls and boys teams are attending. Otherwise, entry fees for individuals are $10 per person and $15 per relay team.
The meet will have the regular dual-meet events with an addition of a novice 1600m. Novice runners will be timed by their coaches. Please do not bring any novice athletes who cant reach the minimum standards.
The 100-meter, 200-meter and 100/110-meter hurdles will be finals on time.
Entries will be done via pamilesplit.com Entries are due by Friday, May 5 at 10:00AM. With this late entry, there should be very few scratches. We should be able to put the performance list up by Thursday evening. There will be no day of meet additions.
There will be a limit of two individuals from a single school per track event providing they meet the minimum standard. However, if you have more than two individuals who wish to run a specific event, you may enter extra participants if, and only if, all entrants in that event are capable of meeting the District 1 AAA qualifying standard. Please do not enter any athletes who do not meet the minimum standard. We will scratch them.
Only one relay team from each school may be entered in each relay event.
Unlimited entries will be allowed in the novice 1600-meter run for all boys who can run under 5:10 and for all girls who can run under 6:20. You will have to time your own runners. We will run a maximum of 2 heats for each sex. Do not enter your novice athletes on-line.
Scratches will be done at the clerking table at the start of the meet.
Finishlynx timing will be used.
NFHS Rules apply for uniforms, etc.
The meet will be sanctioned by the NFHS.
Heats will be run slow to fast.
Top 8 finishers or relay teams in each event will receive medals.
Minimum Standards: See time schedule.
Please do not enter anyone who cant achieve the minimum standards.
E-mail Kevin Kelly with any questions at KKelly1@wcasd.net. Please e-mail your intent to participate as soon as possible. We will limit the field to 30 complete teams. We will allow most quality individuals who submit their entries on time.
Time Event Level Minimum District 1 Standard
12:30 Dub C 4 Miler 100/110 Hurdles High School 17.95/16.95 16.3/15.2
12:45 Artic Spirit Rescue 100m Dash High School 13.50/11.65 12.8/11.0
1:05 Innovative Muscle Therapy Novice 1600m High School 6:10/5:10 NA
1:50 The Mothers Day 5k 200m Dash High School 27.50/24.25 26.0/22.7
2:10 The Michael Feola 4 x 800m Relay High School NA NA
2:35 PA Distance Festival 1600m Run High School 5:45/4:45 5:23/4:29
3:20 4 x 100m Relay High School NA
3:45 Wall of Fame Inductions
3:50 400 Meter Dash High School 63.22/53.54 60.0/51.0
4:15 300 Meter Hurdles High School 50.50/43.50 47.8/41.0
4:35 Middle School 800 Meter Run Middle School NA
4:45 The Smucker Family 800 Meter Run High School 2:30/2:04.5 2:23/1:59.0
5:15 Elite Women's 800 meters Professional
5:20 Elite Mens 800 meters Professional Fast
5:25 Girls 3200 meter run* High School 11:50 11:35
5:37 The Hotel Warner WC Mile Boys 3200 Meter Run* High School 11:50/10:00 11:35/9:50
6:00 Mile 4 x 400 m relay** High School NA
Field Events*** Minimum District 1
12:30-1:30- Girlss Long Jump Open Pit-3 jumps no final 160 1610
1:00- Girls Pole Vault-Opening height=9 90 96
12:30-Girls Shot Put-3 throws-8 to finals- 310 336
12:30- Boys Discus-3 throws-8 to finals- 1250 1350
12:30-The Matt Plevelich Girls Javelin-3 throws-8 to finals 900 1020
12:30- Boys High Jump 510 62
1:45-2:45- Boys LJ-Open pit-3 jumps 206 210
2:00-Boys Shot Put-3 throws-8 to finals 420 480
2:00- The Matt Plevelich Boys Javelin-3 throws-8 to finals 1400 1600
2:00-Girls Discus-3 throws-8 to finals 900 1010
3:00-3:45-Girls TJ-Open pit-3 jumps 326 348
4:00-4:45-Boys TJ Open pit-3 jumps 406 428
Girls High Jump-follows boys 410 51
Boys Pole Vault-follows girls 120 130
All track events are girls followed by boys. Slow section to fast section accept for the boys 3200m. Please note the minimum standards and the standards to get more than 2 athletes into the meet. If you enter athletes who do not meet the standards, they will be removed from the meet.
*The fast section of the boys 3200 meters will be run immediately following the fast section of the girls 3200m. Section 2 of the girls 3200 and section 2 and 3 of the boys 3200 will follow the fast section of the boys 3200.
**The 4 x 400 relay will run as a positive check-in event. No check in, no race.
***Field event standards may be changed if we have too many entries in a particular event.
The meet will be run by NFHS and PIAA rules. We will not have an official video of the meet available for review.

Please do not enter any athletes who do not meet the minimum standards. That includes the Novice 1600m.