Dallastown T&F Invitational 2017

Dallastown, PA
Hosted by Dallastown
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Meet Information

PDF Handout/Schedule

1.The National Federation Rules shall govern the meet, except where PIAA exceptions take precedence. PIAA modifications will be enforced.

2.Qualification to this event will go to the top 24 entrants in all field events and the top 32 in track events
except the 1600 and 3200. For the 1600 we will accept the top 24. For the 3200, we will accept the top 18. A list will be sent out by Tuesday, April 22 with names of individuals who have qualified.

3.The 100m, 200m, 100m hurdles, and 110m hurdles will be run in trial heats with the four (4) trial winners
and the next four(4) fastest times advancing to the finals. All other races will be run as finals. Places will be based on time.

4.Competitors in the long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, and discus will be given three (3) attempts
in flights with the best seven (7) performers advancing to the finals for three (3) additional attempts. Trial flights will be arranged so the best performers will compete last.
The high jump will use a rolling flight until it reaches the final 6-8 jumpers.

5.A mandatory coaches meeting will begin at 3:15 and cover preliminary remarks/instructions. Coaches will submit scratches in all running events. All field event scratches will be taken at the event. Only athletes who have been previously entered in the meet and have qualified may compete. No new entries will be permitted.

6.Relay teams must be entered with (4) relay members. If changes are necessary, they can be made at check in.

7.No javelins may be thrown in any area but the javelin competition area. The Javelin competition will be held
outside the stadium on our softball field.

8.Competitors in the pole vault are not permitted in the pole vault area until an Official is present. Pole Vault
Verification Forms must be submitted and poles inspected prior to the event. Competitors will need to weigh
in prior to the event.

9.Starting heights are as follows:

High jump (B-5'4"/G-4'4")
Pole vault (B-9'0"/G-7'0")

10.The 1600m relay will be run with a three (3) turn stagger. The first turn of the 3200m relay, 800m, 1600m, and 3200m will probably run in two (2) alleys.

11.Starting blocks will be provided.