Clearfield vs Tyrone and Central Junior High 2020

Clearfield, PA

Meet Information


Clearfield Track and Field will be running our Track and Field meets on-line, through PA Mile Split. To help the meets run more efficiently please update your rosters and enter your athletes into their events by accessing the link provided. You have until noon the day of the meet to enter your athletes and make changes. During the meet, you can make any substitutions, additions or scratches you feel are necessary. We will then provide coaches with a performance list prior to the start of the meet. Here is how we would like you athletes entered for seeding purposes.
Instead of seeds or distances give your fastest or best athlete a seed of 1, second fastest will be given a 2, third a 3, and continue until you have entered all the athletes you need in that event.

For all field events, please give the best athlete a seed of 1-0, second seed should be 2-0, and so on.

If you have any questions please contact one of the following people:
Myles Caragein or 765-5511 ext 2319
John Jacob or 814-594-2463