Meet Information

Welcome to The Mingo Classic sponsored by Pro Bike & Run of Pittsburgh and The Tandem Connection Bike and Running Store

October 15th 2020 @ Mingo Park

This race is closed to only 34 schools so there is a password. NO Spectators NO Spectators NO Spectators 

The Washington County Police as well as the Ringgold AD will be at the entrances and if parents are dropping off athletes. They will be asked to leave the park.

Any questions please contact Rich Wright ( Cell 412 607-1794

All teams will send 7 runners to the start line in varsity races. All teams with 21 or less will put there remaining boys in a wave that will start one minute later.Again that is you that registered 21 or fewer entries. You will need to see the timer and give him your school and athletes names. The girls varsity will again be 7 runners except for teams with 21 or less. All your girls will run in the varsity race. The 9 teams with over 21 registered runners will run all Remaining athletes in the JV races.
You may preview the course. Maps will be provided but course will be well marked. You may not enter the park prior to 12:30 . From 12:45 to 2:15 you may be on the course. Remove your runners and report to coaches meeting at pavilion 6 at 2:25 pm. Busses will park along roadways. Your staging area will be beside your bus. South Fayette and Canon-McMillan will be staged behind roadway behind start area. Baldwin,Char Val and Bethel Park will  be in pavilion 7. USC and TJ in pavilion 8. Peters and North Catholic in pavilion 9 After varsity races all teams not running in the Jv races will exit park. Coaches please pick up your teams awards.
Masks are to be worn at all times except warming up and racing. They are to be carried,pinned or tucked on your athletes while racing. Your athletes must not be on course for any reason while races are being run. They are to remain in there staging areas or warming up on roadways.
Your ADs will Receive from Ringgold School District the safety plan for Thursday afternoon. Read it carefully. Many of you have been running in Allegheny County. We are now guests of Washington County and the Ringgold School District. 
Busses for teams in pavilions S. Fayette and Canon-McMillan will be parked after dropping off at the top of observation hill.

Meet Info:

Dear Cross-Country Coaches,

Your team has been invited to the Mingo Classic held October 15th 2020 sponsored by Pro Bike & Run of Pittsburgh and The Tandem Connection Bike and Running Store for competition and breast cancer awareness. The cost will be 130 dollars for all four teams. If you only have an individual athlete the fee is 25 dollars per athlete. We have 30 schools that attend this event. This year due to the generosity of Pro Bike & Run of Pittsburgh and The Tandem Connection Bike and Running Store and UPMC cancer center, we will be selling t-shirts and assorted items with all proceeds to be donated to St Clair Hospital Breast cancer center located in Oxford center 5th floor in Bethel for the support of breast cancer patients.

Since you are invited to this event you will be provided with a password to use for signing up your team on PennTrack .The race is closed to only those invited. Schools invited are; Avella, Baldwin, Bethel Park,Bishop-Canevin,Brentwood, North Catholic, Cannon-Macmillan, Carrick, Chartiers Houston, Chartiers Valley, Eden Christian, Elizabeth Forward, Fort Cherry, Gateway, Jefferson-Morgan, Keystone Oaks, Kiski, McKeesport, Peters, Ringgold, Seton-LaSalle, Serra Catholic, South Fayette, South Park, Steel Valley, Thomas Jefferson, Trinity Christian, USC, Washington, Waynesburg(Central Greene), West Allegheny, West Greene, West Mifflin, Woodland Hills,

You are still invited to wear your best pink for this event the usual uniform rule is waved so you may show your support for breast cancer. REMEMBER bring extra money for a t-shirt, Concession stand food is usually provided by Ringgold booster ladies.

All information will be on PennTrac. A map of the course, directions if needed. List of events are as follows:

Coaches meeting 2:25 PM

Mens Varsity 2:45 pm

Womens Varsity 3:30 PM

Mens JV 4:15 pm

Womens JV 4:50 pm

You may run 7 in the varsity races. Unlimited in the JV races.

Awards are as follows Top 20 in Varsity races men and women

Long sleeve shirts

Top 20 in JV races men and women short sleeve shirts

Varsity Men and Women Team 10 shirts each team

Second place in varsity M&W and JV M&W receive cookies

1 large tray of cookies

Third place will receive 1 small tray of cookies

**Send your checks to Richard Wright 5332 Elmwood Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15227 and make them out to Baldwin Cross-country Club

**Some time mid-September you will be given the code to enter the race thru PennTrack do not share this with other teams