Patriot Invite 2021

Malvern, PA
Hosted by Unionville

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

The meet is FULL - no more teams can be accepted!

Great Valley School Districts follows the recommendations of the Chester County

Health Department. At this time, we are under a 20% capacity limit in our stadium.

To facilitate a high participation meet for all of the teams, NO SPECTATORS will

be allowed. All coaches and athletes should be masked at all times, including

competition. We do not have available fields for tents outside of the stadium. If you

bring a tent, please secure in the stands away from other teams.

There will be water and Gatorade available for purchase but no other concessions.

There will be no t-shirts or awards given.

We hope to secure 6 PIAA officials along with parent help to run the events. Any

help that you can provide, if needed, would be appreciated as well.

Running events (Girls followed by Boys):

Rolling schedule, one event followed immediately by next. All events are finals.

TimeEventMax Entries
1:304x800m Relay1 team/school
1:55100/110m Hurdles6 athletes/school
2:10100m Dash6 athletes/school
2:251600m Run5 athletes/school
3:104x100m Relay2 teams/school
3:20400m Dash6 athletes/school
3:40300m Hurdles6 athletes/school
3:55800m Run6 athletes/school
4:15200m Dash6 athletes/school
4:303200m Run3 athletes/school
5:004x400m Relay2 teams/school

Throwing events:

Shot, Discus, Javelin (4 athletes/school)

    1:30 - Girls Shot, Boys Discus, Boys Javelin (1:45 min)

    3:30 - Boys Shot, Girls Discus, Girls Javelin (1:45 min)

        Two flights of each (worst to first). Officials will be aware that they can

switch                     someones flight if they are doing two events at the same time.

Jumping Events:

    Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault (4 athletes/school- 4     throws

no finals)

        1st : Boys High Jump/Girls Pole Vault (1:30 PM start)

        2nd : Girls High Jump/ Boys Pole Vault

    Pole Vault: 5-Alive order of jumping.

        Girls start at 6 0", move up 6"; for last five jumpers bar

moved 3"

        Boys start at 8' 0", move up 6"; for last five jumpers

bar moved 3.

    High Jump: 5-Alive order of jumping.

        Boys High Jump will follow the girls

        Girls start at 4 ' 2", move up by 2"; after 5' 0 increments of l.

        Boys start at 5' 2", move up by 2"; for last five jumpers

bar moved 1".

    Long Jump (open pit 1:30-3:00- 4 jumps, no finals)

        Boys pit towards press box

        Girls pit towards middle school

    Triple Jump (open pit 3:15-4:45- 4 jumps no finals)

        Boys pit towards middle school

        Girls pit towards press box