Blue Jay Mini-Classic 2021

Bloomsburg, PA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Track Events:

10:00 AM start (Subject to adjustment)

-3 Heat Limit per lane races, 18 entry limit per race

oWinners plus next 3 fastest times qualify for final in 100h, 110h, 100m dashes.

-2 Heat Limit per distance races, no finals


10:00 AM

Girls 100 M Hurdle Trials

Boys 110 M Hurdle Trials

Girls 100 M Dash Trials

Boys 100 M Dash Trials

Girls 4x800 Relay

Boys 4X800 Relay

Girls 100 M Hurdle Finals

Boys 110 M Hurdle Finals

Girls 100 M Dash Finals

Boys 100 M Dash Finals

Girls 1600 M Run (2 heats)

Boys 1600 M Run (2 heats)

Girls 4x100 Relay

Boys 4x100 Relay

Girls 400 M Dash

Boys 400 M Dash

Girls 300 M Hurdles

Boys 300 M Hurdles

Girls 800 M Run (2 heats)

Boys 800 M Run (2 heats)

Girls 200 M Dash

Boys 200 M Dash

Girls 3200 M Run (2 heats)

Boys 3200 M Run (2 heats)

Girls 4x400 Relay

Boys 4x400 Relay


 Field Events:

10:00 AM start (Subject to adjustment)

-18 entry limit per field.

oLong Jump, Triple Jump

  4 jumps, no finals. 90 minute open pit

oShot Put, Discus, Javelin

 4 throws, no finals. (2) 9-athlete flights per event

Throwing Events (approx.):




10:00 am


Shot Put

11:15 am

Shot Put

Javelin (grass runway)

12:30 pm

Javelin (grass runway)



Jumping Events (approx.):


Pole Vault

High Jump

Long Jump

Triple Jump

10:00 am



Boys (90 min. pit)

Girls (90 min. pit)

10:30 am





11:00 am





11:30 am





12:00 pm



Girls (90 min. pit)

Boys (90 min. pit)

12:30 pm





1:00 pm