Norwin vs. Hempfield 2021

North Huntingdon, PA
Hosted by Norwin

Meet Information

Norwin Track and Field 2021 

Home Meet Guidelines & Protocols

Welcome to the 2021 Track and Field season! We are so excited our athletes will have the opportunity to  compete. During these unprecedented times the coaching staff and the administration at Norwin School  District have worked diligently to create a safe environment for the athletes, coaches, officials, and staff.  We are excited to host your team and plan on providing a safe environment for all coaches and athletes.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure we meet the requirements established by the WPIAL and the PIAA and CDC recommendations for track and field meets. 

We ask that coaches and parents review this information before the  meets so you are aware of  our procedures for competitions. Best of Luck!

MEET START TIME = 4:00 pm (track & field)

Track Events:

  • All meet entries will take place on PAMileSplit (see page 2 for further details)

  • All athletes will check in with the clerking coach to receive a heat and lane. (To help with timing, athletes will be given a hip number)

  • 100 meters/ 100 and 110 hurdles/ 200 meters will be clerked on the field house side of the track.  All other running events will be clerked at the finish line side of the track.

  • Only athletes checking in for the called event should be in this area to avoid overcrowding

  • All 8 lanes will be used for sprints

  • Non-Laned Events will run a maximum of 16 in each race (2 per lane for 1-turn stagger)

  • If possible, athletes preparing for their next event should  warm-up away from the start/finish areas. If an athlete has finished competing, they need to return to blencher and not crowd in the in-field.

Long and Triple Jump:

      ****Event coach will provide any specific instructions the day of the meet

High Jump:

  • Only athletes competing in high jump should be near the high jump area 

  • Athletes should stay in the high jump area while waiting their turn, and notify the coach running the event if they leave for any other event

  • There will be no run backs as per PIAA rules

Throwing Events:

  • All athletes will use their own implement - no sharing

    • Implements should be pre-approved of by coach running event

  • Athletes warming up should stand in designated areas, while waiting their turn.

  • Only athletes competing should be near the throwing areas

  • Order of events

    • Boys javelin - girls discus

    • Girls  javelin - boys discus

    • Boys  shot - girls  shot

Pole Vault:

  • Only athletes competing in pole vault  should be near the pole vault area 

  • Athletes should stay in the pole vault area while waiting their turn, and notify the coach running the event if they leave for any other event

  • There will be no run backs as per PIAA rules

  • Bring PIAA Weigh In form to event signed by head coach to verify pole weights


Norwin Home Section Meets

MEET REGISTRATION:  The deadline is 9:00 pm on day BEFORE the meet 

The point of registering is to allow our timing system to complete the ENTIRE MEET online--scoring and results.  I know this is a bit of a new process for section meets for some, but this will allow ALL ATHLETES to be in the meet and expedite everything and eliminate any hand scoring errors. All results will be posted with NAMES and F.A.T. times, etc. 

  • Link to Meet:  we will send you Registration link for race.  The meet will be on PaMileSplit calendar as

    • Norwin, Latrobe & Butler (Tues. 3.30.2021):REGISTRATION LINK

      • Registration by Monday 3.29.2021 @ 9:00 pm

    • Norwin vs. Hempfield (Tues. 4.13.2021) REGISTRATION LINK

      • Registration by Monday 4.12.2021 @ 9:00 pm

  • MAY ENTER UP TO 10 ATHLETES PER EVENT.  This allows coaches flexibility of adjusting line up for injuries or strategy. 

    • Make sure ALL ATHLETES are entered in meet somewhere. It holds up meet if we have to type an athlete INTO the meet.  

    • You do NOT need to enter athletes for relays.  

    • Field scratches just made at event or NOT contested.

  • ENTER A SEED/ PERFORMANCE.  You can enter a seed or not.  

    • Its your call for meet.  Once again, you can list up to 10 athletes (or more) per event, but if you think theres a chance the kid may contest it, please enter him/her. 

    • Like any SECTION MEET, please run your fast kids in first heat. No seedings will be used. 

  • Clerk athletes in at event or field location. Our meet workers will CLERK athletes in before his or her race or at field event once called. 

    •  For instance, we will clerk athletes in prior to race and give hip number.  This will only hold up the meet a few minutes, but will provide for a much smoother scoring and timing.  

      • Athletes will be rotated on lane preference on normal meet rotation.

    • Field Events need to do nothing different.  They go to his or her event and do jumps and throws and it's recorded just like an Invitational.  

    • Same with distance events and relays.  We would just mark which athletes are NOT starting the race based on hip numbers.   

    • ONLY ATHLETES entered may compete in events.  It's an unlimited event entry, so if you want to sign a kid up for 10 events you can, but they can only compete in 4 events as usual. 

  • ALL ENTRIES will be public on the meet page: This way all teams have the same advantage and nothing is kept hidden in terms of entries.

    •  Just click on the "ENTRIES" button.  This way there is no advantage to any team. 

I hope this all makes sense.  If it does NOT or have any QUESTIONS please email Coach Fleckenstein ( ).  I will email or call you back with a response