Schuylkill League Track and Field Championships 2021

Tamaqua, PA

Meet Information

Meet Information

1. The Meet is at Tamaqua on Tuesday, May 11th and Wednesday, May 12th, 2021. All events start at 4:00 PM.

2. All entries will be done on-line.

3. Entries will close at 9:00 am on Sunday May 9th.

4. Performance lists will be sent out by 1 PM on May 9th.

5. Scratches and corrections can be made until 7 PM on Sunday, May 9th. Send to Frank Miller ( and Kristin Black (

6. Once meet program is finalized, no changes can be made and scratches are out of meet.

Registration help:


1) The start date for entering athletes will take place on Monday, April 26th. The closing time for registering your Track and Field Athletes on the Penn Track Site on Sunday May 9th will be at 9 AM. This will allow the seeding committee from Jim Thorpe to send out the information to all coaches and ADs by 1:00 pm Sunday for errors/omissions. This will give coaches the opportunity to get back to the seeding committee prior to the Sunday night virtual meeting in which we will just need to finalize the seeds.

2) All handheld times must be first rounded up (e.g. 11.51 must be first rounded to 11.6. Next, all hand held times must be converted to FAT Times so an additional 0.24 must be added. The 11.51 hand held time, would become an 11.84 (11.51 rounded up to 11.6 + .24 = 11.84.

Day 1 Schedule: 4:00 pm

Order of Field Events


Boys Long Jump

Girls Discus

Boys Javelin

Girls Pole Vault

Boys High Jump

Girls Long Jump

Girls Javelin

Boys Shot Put

Track Events Start at 4:00

Order of Running Events

100 M Girls Preliminaries

100 M Boys Preliminaries

3200M Relay Girls Finals

3200M Relay Boys Finals

100M Hurdles Girls Preliminaries

110 M Hurdles Boys Preliminaries

200 M Girls Preliminaries

200 M Boys Preliminaries

300 M Hurdles Girls Finals

300 M Hurdles Boys Finals

3200 M Girls Finals

3200 M Boys Finals

Day 2 Schedule: 4:00

Order of Field Events

Girls Triple Jump

Boys Discus

Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot Put

Girls High Jump

Boys Triple Jump

Order of Track Event

100 M Hurdles Girls Finals

100 M Hurdles Boys Finals

100 M Dash Girls Finals

100 M Dash Boys Finals

1600 M Girls Finals

1600 M Boys Finals

400 M Relay Girls Finals

400 M Relay Boys Finals

400 M Girls Finals

400 M Boys Finals

800 M Girls Finals

800 M Boys Finals

200 M Girls Finals

200 M Boys Finals

1600 M Relay Girls Finals

1600 M Relay Boys Finals