Bellefonte/Central Mountain @ Altoona 2021

Altoona, PA
Hosted by Altoona Area

Athlete Entries

HS Boys 100 Meter Dash 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Friedenberger, Ty 11.32 Altoona Area
Hummel, Jacob 11.45 Bellefonte Area
Kravetz, Austin 11.54 Altoona Area
Kennedy, Dominick 11.75 Central Mountain
Jackson Shepard, George 11.87 Altoona Area
Mills, Kobe 12.02 Central Mountain
Weaver, Nolan 12.07 Bellefonte Area
Spriggs, Kaleb 12.14h Altoona Area
Miller, Landyn 12.19 Bellefonte Area
Saar, Mack 12.20 Central Mountain
Lucas, Garrison 12.27 Central Mountain
Reid, Tyson 12.37 Altoona Area
Dreibelbis, Kyle 12.37 Central Mountain
Valimont, Brady 12.52 Bellefonte Area
Sharp, Collin 12.57 Bellefonte Area
Newman, Eddie 12.58 Central Mountain
Donahay, Jordan 12.74 Central Mountain
Kozel, Ashton 12.81 Bellefonte Area
Miller, Ryan 12.87 Bellefonte Area
Johnson, Dennis 13.20 Altoona Area
Heverly, Colby 13.40 Central Mountain
Przybys, Lee 13.50 Bellefonte Area
Wilson, Ethan 13.53 Bellefonte Area
Knepp, Austin 13.64h Bellefonte Area
Hite, Kolin 13.97 Altoona Area
Bernier, Connor 14.37 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Spicher, Mitchell Central Mountain
Kravetz, Austin 15.23 Altoona Area
Flarend, Chadric 16.80h Altoona Area
Naspinski, Logan 17.56 Bellefonte Area
Reid, Tyson 17.70 Altoona Area
Hardison, Jimiere 18.51 Altoona Area
Crawford, Cohen 18.58 Altoona Area
Heaton, Devin 18.83 Altoona Area
Fox-Coleman, Conner 20.04h Central Mountain
Badger, Wesley 20.31 Bellefonte Area
Scarborough, John 22.62 Central Mountain
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HS Boys 1600 Meter Run 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hatch, Jack 4:29.94 Altoona Area
Kelley, Aidan 4:45.88 Altoona Area
Melius, Austin 4:49.64 Bellefonte Area
Ebeling, Chase 4:56.50 Bellefonte Area
Ebersole, Gabe 4:57.22 Altoona Area
Mansfield, Alex 5:07.00 Bellefonte Area
Stickles, Daryel 5:20.10 Bellefonte Area
Long, Ian 5:21.83 Altoona Area
Lieb, Alex 5:26.85 Altoona Area
Gray, Bryce 5:29.00 Central Mountain
Fox, Chris 5:30.38 Altoona Area
Miller, Jason 5:33.40 Altoona Area
Mussett, Daniel 5:34.05 Bellefonte Area
Webster, Ryen 5:51.23 Altoona Area
Aberegg, Noah 6:00.00 Bellefonte Area
Fenstermacker, Eric 6:06.93 Bellefonte Area
Wertz, William 6:19.96 Altoona Area
Russell, Dylan 6:38.60 Central Mountain
Akeley, Nate 6:40.00h Central Mountain
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HS Boys 200 Meter Dash 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kennedy, Dominick 22.34 Central Mountain
Summers, Aydan 23.62 Altoona Area
Hummel, Jacob 24.00 Bellefonte Area
Jackson Shepard, George 24.31 Altoona Area
Donahay, Jordan 25.46 Central Mountain
Dreibelbis, Kyle 25.59 Central Mountain
Spriggs, Kaleb 25.81 Altoona Area
Sharp, Collin 25.90 Bellefonte Area
Newman, Eddie 25.93 Central Mountain
Watson, Ben 26.24 Central Mountain
Miller, Ryan 27.07 Bellefonte Area
Kozel, Ashton 27.13 Bellefonte Area
Johnson, Dennis 27.29 Altoona Area
Scarborough, John 27.70 Central Mountain
Valimont, Brady 28.39 Bellefonte Area
Knepp, Austin 29.22 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kravetz, Austin 41.59 Altoona Area
Naspinski, Logan 43.15 Bellefonte Area
Heaton, Devin 44.54h Altoona Area
Crawford, Cohen 45.28 Altoona Area
Reid, Tyson 46.43 Altoona Area
Watson, Jacob 46.58 Central Mountain
Steward, Eli 47.24 Altoona Area
Fox-Coleman, Conner 48.14h Central Mountain
Badger, Wesley 49.59 Bellefonte Area
Scarborough, John 55.76 Central Mountain
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HS Boys 3200 Meter Run 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kelley, Aidan 10:15.16 Altoona Area
Hatch, Jack 10:37.03 Altoona Area
Ebersole, Gabe 10:37.87 Altoona Area
Ebeling, Chase 10:47.90 Bellefonte Area
Stickles, Daryel 11:54.16 Bellefonte Area
Vinnedge, Caleb 11:54.82 Bellefonte Area
Gray, Bryce 11:56.00 Central Mountain
Johnson, Aaron 13:13.00 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 400 Meter Dash 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Connelly, Matthew 1:00.61 Bellefonte Area
Streator, Benjamin 1:02.74 Central Mountain
Wilson, Ethan 1:05.80 Bellefonte Area
Summers, Aydan 51.02 Altoona Area
Donlan, Andrew 52.84 Altoona Area
Porter, Caleb 54.64 Central Mountain
Sette, Dillon 57.38 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 5 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Central Mountain
Relay Team B Central Mountain
Relay Team A 44.11 Altoona Area
Relay Team A 47.46 Bellefonte Area
Relay Team B 48.46 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 3:34.82 Altoona Area
Relay Team A 3:47.31 Bellefonte Area
Relay Team B 3:49.31 Bellefonte Area
Relay Team A 4:02.30 Central Mountain
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HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 10:32.86 Central Mountain
Relay Team A 8:22.77 Altoona Area
Relay Team A 8:54.00 Bellefonte Area
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HS Boys 800 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Webster, Ryen Altoona Area
Boutiller, George 2:07.51 Altoona Area
Melius, Austin 2:10.00 Bellefonte Area
Bennett, Eric 2:14.49 Bellefonte Area
Carlini, Aaron 2:22.76 Bellefonte Area
Lieb, Alex 2:23.85 Altoona Area
Fox, Chris 2:27.30 Altoona Area
Miller, Paul 2:32.08 Central Mountain
Mansfield, Alex 2:33.22 Bellefonte Area
Miller, Jason 2:34.65 Altoona Area
Heverly, Colby 2:35.20 Central Mountain
Mussett, Daniel 2:41.08 Bellefonte Area
Aberegg, Noah 2:41.14 Bellefonte Area
Heaster, Clinton 2:47.67 Altoona Area
Saylor, Aaron 3:02.66 Altoona Area
Andrews, Robbie 3:09.24 Central Mountain
Russell, Dylan 3:12.00 Central Mountain
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HS Boys Discus Throw 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stroup, Ethan 130-9 Altoona Area
Stratts, Anton 124-8 Central Mountain
Besch, John 122-2 Bellefonte Area
Reimer, Connor 117-4 Altoona Area
Mosely, Bron 105-7 Altoona Area
Jewell, Archer 104-6 Bellefonte Area
Kline, Logan 102-10 Altoona Area
Palilla, Aidan 101-11 Altoona Area
Brininger, William 100-4 Bellefonte Area
Przybys, Lee 100-3 Bellefonte Area
Johnson, Brian 100-3 Bellefonte Area
Welch, Jacob 96-8 Central Mountain
Dawes, Logan 96-2 Central Mountain
Cygan, Tyler 96-0 Central Mountain
Lowry, Wyatt 91-11 Bellefonte Area
Vinnedge, Caleb 90-1 Bellefonte Area
Boose, Evan 89-9 Altoona Area
Proctor, Logan 81-9 Bellefonte Area
Walk, Casey 81-8 Altoona Area
Walk, Mason 81-4 Altoona Area
Mayes, Chad 79-6 Central Mountain
Meyers, Kaden 78-5 Altoona Area
Stofferahn, Skyler 77-10 Bellefonte Area
Walker, Shamus 70-10 Altoona Area
Hennaman, Adam 67-9 Altoona Area
Yatchik, Ian 66-8 Bellefonte Area
Brown, Mike 63-2 Altoona Area
Himmelwright, William 63-1 Altoona Area
Fergusin, Gavin 49-3 Altoona Area
Baker, Landon 48-4 Altoona Area
McClure, Ethan 46-6 Bellefonte Area
Lawhead, Scott Altoona Area
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HS Boys High Jump 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gerlach, Brett 6-2 Central Mountain
Porter, Caleb 5-8 Central Mountain
Corso, Josh 5-8 Altoona Area
Hardison, Jimiere 5-6 Altoona Area
Carlini, Aaron 5-0.01 Bellefonte Area
Mills, Kobe 5-0 Central Mountain
Mansfield, Alex 4-10 Bellefonte Area
Bennett, Eric 4-10 Bellefonte Area
Streator, Benjamin 4-10 Central Mountain
Knepp, Austin 4-0 Bellefonte Area
Persun, Owen Central Mountain
Kowalski, Tyler Altoona Area
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HS Boys Javelin Throw 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brininger, William 150-6 Bellefonte Area
Lawhead, Scott 146-9 Altoona Area
Stroup, Ethan 142-1 Altoona Area
Jewell, Archer 130-9 Bellefonte Area
Lowry, Wyatt 125-1 Bellefonte Area
Walk, Mason 123-6 Altoona Area
Foust, Ashten 116-7 Altoona Area
Walk, Casey 116-6 Altoona Area
Stratts, Anton 105-10 Central Mountain
Johnson, Brian 104-10 Bellefonte Area
Mosely, Bron 104-2 Altoona Area
Welch, Jacob 102-7 Central Mountain
Knepp, Austin 101-1 Bellefonte Area
Przybys, Lee 100-1 Bellefonte Area
Saar, Mack 96-11 Central Mountain
Proctor, Logan 93-10 Bellefonte Area
Cygan, Tyler 87-3 Central Mountain
Yatchik, Ian 81-10 Bellefonte Area
Donahay, Jordan 78-8 Central Mountain
Stofferahn, Skyler 62-4 Bellefonte Area
McClure, Ethan 51-2 Bellefonte Area
Kline, Logan Altoona Area
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HS Boys Long Jump 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Friedenberger, Ty 21-2 Altoona Area
Hummel, Jacob 18-10 Bellefonte Area
Petucci, Nick 18-9.5 Altoona Area
Miller, Landyn 18-7 Bellefonte Area
Hardison, Jimiere 17-7.5 Altoona Area
Mills, Kobe 17-6 Central Mountain
Watson, Jacob 17-2 Central Mountain
Weaver, Nolan 16-10.5 Bellefonte Area
Kozel, Ashton 15-10 Bellefonte Area
Galentine, Damien 15-9.5 Central Mountain
Ramos, Tim 15-6 Central Mountain
Hite, Kolin 15-6 Altoona Area
Wilson, Ethan 15-5 Bellefonte Area
Bernier, Connor 14-9 Bellefonte Area
Valimont, Brady 14-5.5 Bellefonte Area
Watson, Ben 13-5 Central Mountain
Spicher, Mitchell 13-3.5 Central Mountain
Andrews, Robbie 13-0.5 Central Mountain
Persun, Owen Central Mountain
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HS Boys Pole Vault 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Flarend, Chadric 12-9 Altoona Area
Treece, Josiah 12-6 Altoona Area
Marra, Evan 12-0 Altoona Area
Lutz, Nathan 12-0 Altoona Area
Leberfinger, Nick 11-0 Altoona Area
Cox, Ian 10-6 Altoona Area
Strawmier, Christian 9-6 Altoona Area
Kennedy, Dominick 8-6 Central Mountain
Miller, Ryan 8-3 Bellefonte Area
Newman, Eddie 8-0 Central Mountain
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HS Boys Shot Put 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Besch, John 47-6.25 Bellefonte Area
Stroup, Ethan 45-11.5 Altoona Area
Mosely, Bron 43-2.5 Altoona Area
Palilla, Aidan 42-10.75 Altoona Area
Dawes, Logan 41-7 Central Mountain
Stratts, Anton 41-7 Central Mountain
Przybys, Lee 39-4.75 Bellefonte Area
Kline, Logan 38-6.5 Altoona Area
Reimer, Connor 37-9.5 Altoona Area
Lawhead, Scott 37-6.5 Altoona Area
Brininger, William 37-3.25 Bellefonte Area
Jewell, Archer 37-3 Bellefonte Area
Cygan, Tyler 37-0 Central Mountain
Johnson, Brian 36-7.75 Bellefonte Area
Meyers, Kaden 35-6 Altoona Area
Walk, Casey 35-5 Altoona Area
Welch, Jacob 33-8 Central Mountain
Lowry, Wyatt 33-4.25 Bellefonte Area
Walker, Shamus 32-5.5 Altoona Area
Boose, Evan 31-0.5 Altoona Area
Flanagan, Josh 28-9 Central Mountain
Proctor, Logan 28-8.5 Bellefonte Area
Hennaman, Adam 27-9.5 Altoona Area
Himmelwright, William 27-6.5 Altoona Area
Mayes, Chad 26-11 Central Mountain
Brown, Mike 26-5.5 Altoona Area
Stofferahn, Skyler 23-7.5 Bellefonte Area
Yatchik, Ian 22-5 Bellefonte Area
McClure, Ethan 21-0.5 Bellefonte Area
Baker, Landon 21-0.5 Altoona Area
Fergusin, Gavin 19-5 Altoona Area
Walk, Mason Altoona Area
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HS Boys Triple Jump 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Friedenberger, Ty 43-7.5 Altoona Area
Petucci, Nick 42-5.75 Altoona Area
Gerlach, Brett 39-6 Central Mountain
Young, Chase 38-8.5 Central Mountain
Watson, Jacob 38-8 Central Mountain
Porter, Caleb 35-9 Central Mountain
Weaver, Nolan 35-7.5 Bellefonte Area
Miller, Landyn 35-6.5 Bellefonte Area
Streator, Benjamin 35-6 Central Mountain
Wilson, Ethan 34-8 Bellefonte Area
Galentine, Damien 34-6 Central Mountain
Corso, Josh 34-4 Altoona Area
Hite, Kolin 31-8 Altoona Area
Mansfield, Alex 31-6 Bellefonte Area
Kowalski, Tyler 31-4 Altoona Area
Watson, Ben 29-6 Central Mountain
Persun, Owen Central Mountain
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HS Girls 100 Meter Dash 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stuck, Emma Central Mountain
Berkheimer, Darrian 13.07 Altoona Area
Hall, Rachel 13.09 Central Mountain
Hendricks, Lily 13.11 Central Mountain
Hileman, Ashtyn 13.24 Altoona Area
Shutika, Kerri 13.35 Bellefonte Area
Jones, Kiahna 13.68 Central Mountain
Proctor, Sara 13.93 Bellefonte Area
Tressler, Sara 13.97 Bellefonte Area
Benner, Lauren 14.14 Bellefonte Area
Goodman, Morgan 14.24h Bellefonte Area
Culp, Emily 14.32 Bellefonte Area
Short, Emily 14.50 Central Mountain
Methven, Rebecca 14.51 Bellefonte Area
Noel, Mckayla 14.54 Altoona Area
Corl, Amber 14.72 Bellefonte Area
Confer, Morgan 14.87 Central Mountain
Anderson, Samiah 14.90h Central Mountain
Williams, Jenna 14.94h Altoona Area
Boslet, Quinn 15.43 Altoona Area
Kitchen, Valerie 16.43 Central Mountain
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HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rich, Ashley 16.68 Central Mountain
Rentz, Gwyneth 16.81 Altoona Area
Kravetz, Hailey 17.71 Altoona Area
Jarrett, Hailey 18.24 Central Mountain
Onuskanich, Juliana 18.53 Central Mountain
Shutika, Kerri 19.41 Bellefonte Area
Gearhart, Kathryn 19.61 Bellefonte Area
Corl, Amber 19.72 Bellefonte Area
Winters, Autumn 20.00 Central Mountain
Confer, Morgan 20.05 Central Mountain
Heaton, Sophia 20.14 Central Mountain
Stitzer, Milana 20.34h Central Mountain
Crowell, Maia 21.97 Central Mountain
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HS Girls 1600 Meter Run 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Elmore, Mia 5:55.48 Bellefonte Area
Aukerman, Ashleigh 6:07.11 Bellefonte Area
Dressler, Sofia 6:09.00 Central Mountain
Reid, Avery 6:10.16 Altoona Area
Garman, Autumn 6:11.99 Central Mountain
Ciccarella, Josie 6:19.85 Altoona Area
Rarrick, Kate 6:21.46 Bellefonte Area
Liadis, Emma 6:27.57 Bellefonte Area
Wolfe, Abbey 6:30.00h Central Mountain
Fox, Gwyneth 6:32.52 Altoona Area
Herr, Haley 6:33.85 Bellefonte Area
Cole, Mykayla 6:42.56 Bellefonte Area
Yost, Ashly 7:10.22 Central Mountain
Woomer, Makilee 7:27.88 Altoona Area
Cowfer, Madison 8:08.21 Altoona Area
Carini, Ashley 8:19.15 Altoona Area
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HS Girls 200 Meter Dash 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hall, Rachel 28.44h Central Mountain
Shutika, Kerri 28.57 Bellefonte Area
Kelly, Danica 29.41 Central Mountain
Tressler, Sara 29.51 Bellefonte Area
Pope, Juliet 29.77 Bellefonte Area
Proctor, Sara 30.13 Bellefonte Area
Culp, Emily 30.15 Bellefonte Area
Methven, Rebecca 30.33 Bellefonte Area
Noel, Mckayla 30.34 Altoona Area
Boslet, Quinn 30.56 Altoona Area
Williams, Jenna 30.64h Altoona Area
Benner, Lauren 30.68 Bellefonte Area
Goodman, Morgan 30.86 Bellefonte Area
Onuskanich, Juliana 31.55 Central Mountain
Confer, Morgan 31.96 Central Mountain
Keener, Kylie 32.18 Central Mountain
Newman, Ellyn 32.19 Central Mountain
Crowell, Maia 33.02 Central Mountain
Stitzer, Milana 33.65 Central Mountain
Stuck, Emma 34.58 Central Mountain
Kitchen, Valerie 37.71 Central Mountain
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HS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jones, Maddie 1:00.21 Central Mountain
Stitzer, Milana 1:01.14 Central Mountain
Jarrett, Hailey 1:01.78 Central Mountain
Heaton, Sophia 1:01.86 Central Mountain
Newman, Ellyn 1:05.27 Central Mountain
Keener, Kylie 1:05.64h Central Mountain
Confer, Morgan 1:06.09 Central Mountain
Rentz, Gwyneth 48.23 Altoona Area
Kravetz, Hailey 49.82 Altoona Area
Gearhart, Kathryn 54.09 Bellefonte Area
Wiseman, Cami 55.58 Central Mountain
Pope, Juliet 55.68 Bellefonte Area
Corl, Amber 58.44 Bellefonte Area
Winters, Autumn 58.93 Central Mountain
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HS Girls 3200 Meter Run 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Aukerman, Ashleigh 12:50.00 Bellefonte Area
Rarrick, Kate 13:15.00 Bellefonte Area
Kelley, Mackenzie 13:21.24 Altoona Area
Jones, Maddie 13:57.00 Central Mountain
Liadis, Emma 14:03.30 Bellefonte Area
Fox, Gwyneth 14:27.46 Altoona Area
Herr, Haley 14:40.80 Bellefonte Area
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HS Girls 400 Meter Dash 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kiser, Maura 1:02.82 Altoona Area
Kiser, Lauren 1:03.03 Altoona Area
Bair, Madison 1:07.14 Central Mountain
Kelly, Danica 1:07.46 Central Mountain
Stahlman, Jordan 1:14.41 Bellefonte Area
Fox, Mckenna 1:15.50 Central Mountain
Skrzycki, Lauren 1:17.68 Bellefonte Area
Anderson, Samiah 1:18.62 Central Mountain
Keener, Kylie 1:19.87 Central Mountain
Miller, Leanne 1:22.90 Central Mountain
Burns, Rebecca 1:25.36 Bellefonte Area
Eisenhower, Leeah 1:27.28 Central Mountain
Geyer-Burd, Dakota 1:34.11 Central Mountain
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HS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 49.85 Altoona Area
Relay Team A 54.54h Central Mountain
Relay Team A 55.12 Bellefonte Area
Relay Team B 57.12 Bellefonte Area
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HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 4 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 4:07.98 Altoona Area
Relay Team B 4:11.00h Altoona Area
Relay Team A 4:43.88 Central Mountain
Relay Team A 4:53.00 Bellefonte Area
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HS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 10:35.44 Altoona Area
Relay Team A 11:03.24 Central Mountain
Relay Team A 11:19.99 Bellefonte Area
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HS Girls 800 Meter Run 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lavallee, Catherine Central Mountain
Wilber, Reese 2:31.76 Altoona Area
Reid, Avery 2:46.55 Altoona Area
Elmore, Mia 2:49.66 Bellefonte Area
Ciccarella, Josie 2:50.54 Altoona Area
Wolfe, Abbey 2:50.92 Central Mountain
Cole, Mykayla 2:54.15 Bellefonte Area
Underwood, Josie 2:58.10 Bellefonte Area
Dressler, Gianna 3:00.05 Central Mountain
Burns, Rebecca 3:22.68 Bellefonte Area
Eisenhower, Leeah 3:34.20 Central Mountain
Yost, Ashly 3:39.10 Central Mountain
Sparacino, Mira 3:42.32 Altoona Area
Geyer-Burd, Dakota 3:56.30 Central Mountain
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HS Girls Discus Throw 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Deitrich, Gabrielle 97-3 Bellefonte Area
Kiser, Andrea 92-4 Altoona Area
Fox, Mckenna 86-2 Central Mountain
Dull, Rebecca 85-3 Altoona Area
Chille, Olivia 83-10 Altoona Area
Abbott, Samantha 83-6 Altoona Area
Frey, Meredith 79-4 Bellefonte Area
Kutz, Jaycee 79-04 Altoona Area
Tilghman, Kayd 75-2 Central Mountain
Vangorder, Alyssa 74-7.5 Central Mountain
Rizzo, Grace 73-6 Central Mountain
Mitchell, Chloe 73-1 Central Mountain
Nugent, Katherine 69-2 Bellefonte Area
Eyer, Autumn 67-7 Bellefonte Area
Underwood, Ella 64-11 Bellefonte Area
Wolfe, Allison 63-10 Altoona Area
McMinn, Olivia 62-7 Altoona Area
Killinger, Maddie 56-1 Central Mountain
Skrzycki, Lauren 54-9 Bellefonte Area
Morris, Rianna 50-2 Bellefonte Area
Homan, Emma 46-3 Bellefonte Area
Confer, Paige 43-8.5 Central Mountain
MacKey, Kayla 40-10 Altoona Area
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HS Girls High Jump 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hendricks, Lily 4-10 Central Mountain
Baum, Lydia 4-8 Altoona Area
Clouser, Jaci 4-8 Altoona Area
Rettburg, Emily 4-4 Altoona Area
McKeague, Hannah 4-2 Bellefonte Area
Crowell, Maia 4-0 Central Mountain
Stahlman, Jordan 3-10 Bellefonte Area
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HS Girls Javelin Throw 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eck, Mallory 101-2.5 Central Mountain
Chille, Olivia 90-10 Altoona Area
Kopysciansky, Mia 86-7 Central Mountain
Underwood, Ella 84-0 Bellefonte Area
Kiser, Andrea 83-9 Altoona Area
Tilghman, Kayd 82-7 Central Mountain
Mitchell, Chloe 81-11 Central Mountain
Deitrich, Gabrielle 78-1 Bellefonte Area
Eyer, Autumn 77-2 Bellefonte Area
Dull, Rebecca 74-10 Altoona Area
Frey, Meredith 71-1 Bellefonte Area
Rizzo, Grace 65-1 Central Mountain
Baum, Lydia 58-8 Altoona Area
Swortwood, Rylie 56-9 Central Mountain
Skrzycki, Lauren 51-10 Bellefonte Area
Confer, Paige 50-8 Central Mountain
Homan, Emma 46-5 Bellefonte Area
Morris, Rianna 44-5 Bellefonte Area
Burns, Rebecca 41-9 Bellefonte Area
Nugent, Katherine 39-10 Bellefonte Area
Killinger, Maddie 39-2 Central Mountain
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HS Girls Long Jump 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Long, Brooke 17-10 Altoona Area
Hendricks, Lily 16-1.5 Central Mountain
Rettburg, Emily 14-9.5 Altoona Area
Goodman, Morgan 14-6.5 Bellefonte Area
Proctor, Sara 14-5 Bellefonte Area
Rich, Ashley 14-4 Central Mountain
Tressler, Sara 14-2 Bellefonte Area
Shutika, Kerri 13-9 Bellefonte Area
Short, Emily 13-5.5 Central Mountain
Underwood, Josie 13-5.5 Bellefonte Area
Stahlman, Jordan 12-2 Bellefonte Area
Newman, Ellyn 10-11.5 Central Mountain
Eisenhower, Leeah 10-7 Central Mountain
Confer, Paige 10-4 Central Mountain
Kitchen, Valerie 9-7.5 Central Mountain
Clouser, Jaci Altoona Area
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HS Girls Pole Vault 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Renninger, Jocelyn 8-0 Central Mountain
Sassano, Mia 8-0 Altoona Area
McKeague, Hannah 7-6 Bellefonte Area
Gearhart, Kathryn 7-0 Bellefonte Area
Hall, Rachel 6-6 Central Mountain
Benner, Lauren 6-3 Bellefonte Area
Eisenhower, Leeah 6-0 Central Mountain
Onuskanich, Juliana Central Mountain
Heaton, Sophia Central Mountain
Crowell, Maia Central Mountain
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HS Girls Shot Put 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eck, Mallory 35-0 Central Mountain
Vangorder, Alyssa 32-11 Central Mountain
Dull, Rebecca 30-7.5 Altoona Area
Kiser, Andrea 27-10 Altoona Area
Fox, Mckenna 27-8 Central Mountain
Abbott, Samantha 26-11.5 Altoona Area
Frey, Meredith 26-5.5 Bellefonte Area
Deitrich, Gabrielle 26-5.25 Bellefonte Area
Swortwood, Rylie 26-5 Central Mountain
Chille, Olivia 26-1.5 Altoona Area
Eyer, Autumn 25-8.5 Bellefonte Area
Tilghman, Kayd 24-5 Central Mountain
Mitchell, Chloe 24-4 Central Mountain
Wolfe, Allison 23-6 Altoona Area
Underwood, Ella 21-10.5 Bellefonte Area
Skrzycki, Lauren 21-7.5 Bellefonte Area
Nugent, Katherine 21-2 Bellefonte Area
McMinn, Olivia 21-1.5 Altoona Area
Homan, Emma 19-8 Bellefonte Area
MacKey, Kayla 19-0 Altoona Area
Morris, Rianna 17-5.5 Bellefonte Area
Kutz, Jaycee Altoona Area
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HS Girls Triple Jump 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Long, Brooke 37-7 Altoona Area
Jones, Kiahna 31-9 Central Mountain
Underwood, Josie 31-4 Bellefonte Area
Kelly, Danica 30-9.5 Central Mountain
Short, Emily 29-6.5 Central Mountain
Rettburg, Emily 29-2.5 Altoona Area
Miller, Leanne 25-11 Central Mountain
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