Meet Information

Thanks to Kevin Kelly and the Chester County Running Store, harriers will have two opportunities to stay sharp for either Foot Locker Northeast Regionals or the NXN Northeast Regional - both on November 28th in New York.

The first is Saturday November 14th in the Deuce at Singer Farm.

There is no parking at Singer, so meet at the Chester County Running Store (24 South High Street, West Chester) at 11AM. You'll leave from there and run to the course (a shade over 2 miles) as a warmup. The race will start at 11:40. The cool-down will be running back to the store where there will be refreshments and awards. Cost is $10. The "Deuce" is the two-mile course, with hills.

The second opportunity is Saturday November 21 for the Mile in the Woods.

Meet at the Chester County Running Store at 8AM (the won't move in a week, so it's still 24 South High Street, West Chester, PA). Run to the Track in the Woods - again, about 2 miles for the warmup. (The Track in the Woods is a 3 laps to a mile dirt track somewhere in West Chester). The 1st race will be at 8:30AM. There will be about 10 in a race based on seed times. Slow heat will run 1st. The course is about 20 seconds slower then the track. Cost is $10. The all-time list for the Mile in the Woods:

Sign up at the store.