Strath Haven HS

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2024-05-06 Strath Haven Middle School Boys #2
2024-04-25 Strath Haven Middle School Girls #1
2024-04-15 Strath Haven Middle School Boys #1
2023-05-17 Strarh Haven / Beverly Hills / Springfield ETR
2023-05-03 Strath Haven / Garnet Valley / Northley
2023-04-19 Strath Haven / Beverly Hills / Paxon Hollow
2023-03-29 CAL Week #1 (Strath Haven)
2023-03-25 Upper Darby Relays (@ SHMS)
2022-05-04 SHMS vs Springfield (ETR)
2022-04-27 SHMS vs Drexel Hill vs Bala Cynwyd
2022-04-06 SHMS vs Springfield (ETR)
2022-04-06 SHMS vs Springfield (ETR)
2021-05-15 Strath Haven Invite
2021-05-10 SHMS vs TE vs Ridley
2021-05-03 SHMS vs PH
2021-04-10 Delco Relays
2020-10-01 Strath Haven Keep Covid Away 5K
2020-04-20 Strath Haven v Radnor v Harriton
2020-04-15 Strath Haven v Marple Newtown v Penncrest v Lower Merion
2020-03-25 Strath Haven v Springfield v Conestoga
2019-04-29 Strath Haven vs Upper Darby vs Ridley
2019-04-10 Strath Haven v Lower Merion v Marple Newtown v Penncrest
2019-03-27 Strath Haven vs Springfield and Conestoga
2018-04-14 Panther Invitational (HS + MS Boys ONLY)
2018-04-11 Strath Haven v Haverford v Springfield (D)
2018-04-04 Strath Haven v Marple Newtown v Radnor
2017-05-12 Central League Last Chance/ JV Meet
2017-05-08 Strath Haven v. Ridley v. Upper Darby
2017-05-02 Strath Haven v. Conestoga v. Penncrest
2017-04-25 Strath Haven vs Ridley vs Upper Darby
2017-04-05 Strath Haven v. Springfield (D) v. Haverford (Boys)
2017-03-29 Strath Haven v. Radnor v. Marple Newtown
2016-05-13 Central League Last Chance/ JV Meet
2016-04-15 Central League JV Meet #1
2016-03-30 Ridley, Penncrest @ Strath Haven
2015-04-28 CAL Meet #5 - Upper Darby vs Harriton vs Strath Haven
2015-04-15 Radnor vs. Springfield (D) vs Lower Merion vs Strath Haven
2014-04-29 Springfield (D) vs Upper Darby vs Strath Haven
2012-03-28 Haverford Twp. vs Ridley @ Strath Haven
2011-04-06 Penncrest vs. Lower Merion vs. Strath Haven (boys)
2010-05-04 Penncrest v Marple New. v S Haven

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