15 State Meet Records That Could Go Down This Year

Terrance Laird (Coatesville) / Photo by Don Rich

It's Champs Week in the Pennsylvania Indoor Track and Field world, and though many competitors are focused on big meets this weekend, surely there's a part of them that's got an eye on the PTFCA Indoor State Championship, set for Saturday, February 25.

It's been no secret that the talent level in the state right now is as high as it's ever been. Already three state records have been broken this season, and five state record holders will be be toeing the line at the state meet.

Long story short: some state meet records are going down. But which ones?

We scanned the record books from the state meet (remember, these are state meet records we're talking about here, not overall state records) and we found that 17 state record have a legitimate shot at going down this year. Page through to find which ones we suspect could be on high alert (in no particular order).