2/14-Simkins leads powerful Wissahickon team, Wells US #2 LJ, Wray 8.03 60H @ PTFCA Track Carnival

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Krista Simkins just before taking first in to win the 4x200 in 1:45.61 with a 24.1 split.

What a meet for Krista Simkins and Wissahickon, a team that must be considered for a chance at the state championships. Simkins posted a 24.69 200 (a new meet record), offered a 24.1 come-from-behind split to win the 4x200 in 1:45.61, and contributed to the 4:02.62 4x400 win. Angela Wells of Simon Gratz unleashed the US#2 Long Jump, a 19-05.50, and a new meet record. Harrisburg's Brianna Flagg took the top spot in PA with a Shot Put of 43-04. The boys were no less spectacular, as Mike Wray of Central posted a US#6 8.03 60 Hurdles (new meet record) after an 8.11 in the trials. Bensalem's LaMonte Louis also had a great day, going 50.13 in the 400 and anchoring the 4x200 to a 1:32.46 win.

In other action, Brianna Flagg of Harrisburg had a battle with Coatesville Junior Tayvon Gray in the Shot Put, with both over 40'. Flagg has a new PA #1 and US#3 at 43-4, while Gray threw 40-05.50. Jannea Bridgeford, Upper Darby, took over US#4 in the 60 Dash at 7.61, a new meet record. Wilson's Shawn Smith set a meet record in the Long Jump, going 22-6. And Central Dauphin's Ryan Whiting set a meet record in the Shot Put, with a throw of 60-1. And the boys 800 had four guys within a second, with Central's Mike Syrnick going 1:59.23, holding off Matt Gould, Hatboro Horsham (1:59.43), Eric Bowles, Upper Dublin, 3rd in 1:59.73, and North Penn's Haibo Lu, 4th in 1:59.87.

Dyestat and PennTrackXC Elite performances

Krista Simkins NMR Wiss 24.69** 24.1 split

Wissahickon 1:45.61**
Simon Gratz 1:45.74**
Upper Darby 1:47.02**

Wissahickon 4:02.62

Angela Wells NMR Gratz 19'5 _
Jordan Teuber Narzareth 18'1 _
Jennessa Murphy Great Vall 18'1
Nicole Kulp Tennent 17'8 _
Sotonye Imaddjemu C.dolph 17'6 _

Brianna Flagg Harrisburg 43'4"**
Tayvon Gray Coateville 46'5 _"**
Allyn Laughlin Center 39'9"**
Holly Travos Cumberland Valley 37' 6 _"
Jen Andren Chambersberg 37'1/2"

Jannea Bridgeford UDA NMR 7.61**
Janessa Murphy GV 7.78**
Angela Wells SG 7.88

Sabrina Shaw SG 9.15**

Abigail Johnson Milt-H 57.99**
Rebecca Auritt SH 59.23
Katie Orchowski USC 59.36

Angela Wells, Simon Gratz, with her coach, Robert Massie. Wells set a meet record with her US#2 19-05.50 LJ.

Jaleeca Jacobs BOD 2:17.97**
Melissa Ferry WCH 2:19.50**
Maressa Pinzini CHEL 2:19.70**
Nicole Murphy HH 2:20.67

Kate Vernon Gwyn 5:12.17**
Sarah Roberts Perk 5:14.51**
Jessica Cickay CRN 5:17.04

Adriene Beltz HAM 10:18.78**
Lynn Morelli St Basil 10:31.9**
Kylee Schuler CHAMBS 10:35.33

Natalie Miller Boyer 5'6"**
Amy Backel Northern 5'3"

North Penn 9:39.49**

Courtney Regan Easton 10'6"

Mike Wray NMR CENT 8.03**
Nate Tussey Boyertown 8.23**
Mike Anderson PENN C 8.46
Ozzie Brown Ply Whi Mar 8.49

LaMonte Louis Ben 50.13**
Cowin Mills AB 50.30

Bensalem 1:32.46** (LaMonte)
WC Henderson 1:32.56**
Glen Mills 1:32.95**
Pennsbury 1:33.46

Quenton Boyer PHX 7.00**
Andy McCloskey PNC 7.07
Kervin Michaud PB 7.10

Mike Syrnick Cent 1:59.23**
Matt Gould HH 1:59.43**

Greg Williams WCH 4:22.07**

Ryan Whiting NMR CEN-D 60'1"**
Steve Tyson UP-MER 56'3"**
Rob Rankin UP-StC 55'11 _"**
Jim Casertano N-PENN 51'11"

Shawn Smith Wilson 22'6"**

North Penn 8:10.27**

Brandon Carter B-Cath 22.4
Tracy Robinson WCH 22.4

Brian Cullin E Stroud 9:02.21

Brian Dodds Wilson 14'

Pennsurry 3:29.62
Bensalem 3:29.80