Hang On People! Remembering A Wild Weather Change At Baldwin

The race started like any other. Under an overcast sky, the third and final section of the boys' 1,600 meters went off

But a lot changed in less than five minutes. Those spring skies opened up and the some heavy rains and high winds emerged.

"Hang on people!" someone hilariously yelled from the stands as everyone on the infield rushed for cover. Spectators were told to head under the stands. But the race continued. PRs and a race win were still on the line.

Interestingly enough, it was future cross country state champion Patrick Anderson of Mount Lebanon, then a sophomore, who powered through the rain and wind and take the victory in that heat. Anderson clocked a time of 4:26.28 for the win, using some of that trademark grit to battle through the conditions.

The Baldwin Invitational was set for this past Friday. Of course with the coronavirus pandemic, the meet, like many others, have been canceled. So instead, we are looking back on some memorable moments.

Watch the full race below and check out an unlocked clip of the final half lap above: