Breakdown: District 8/9/10 Sub-Regional

During the month of August, PennTrackXC is giving you wall-to-wall coverage of the upcoming XC season!

We are breaking down each PIAA district ahead of what should be another thrilling cross country season. We'll be presenting our team and individual "rankings," followed by a closer look "breakdown" in separate articles.

With our rankings, you'll get an "objective," stat-based look at each PIAA district in the state, and with our breakdowns, we'll give some "subjective" thoughts on the action you can expect this fall! Keep track of all our 2021 XC preview content HERE!


Now we break down the action set to come in PIAA District 8/9/10 Sub-Regional.

The Sub-Regional was established before the start of last season and it brings together the AAA schools in District 8, District 9, and District 10, since there are only a few AAA schools in each of those districts.. There are no AAA boys teams in District 9, so on the boys' side, it is just District 8 and District 10. There is one team state spot and five individual state spots up for grabs for both boys and girls.

Check out breakdowns below.