14 PA athletes advance to Colgate Women\'s Games Semi-Finals 1/29 @ Pratt Institute

PA athletes did well in the qualifiers for the Semi-Finals of the annual Colgate Women\'s Games, which culminate February 5th at Madison Square Garden in New York. The first four meets and Semis are held at Pratt Institute. Moving into the Semis in the 55m Hurdles are Valley\'s Mycaiah Clemons, and West Catholic\'s Nia Ali. Clemon\'s 7.9 is the fastest by a PA athlete this season. Moving on in the 200m are Carlene Lewis of Engineering & Science (E&S), Saqenda Dallas of Girls High, and Tracy Weldon of Friends\' Central. In the 400m, E&S\'s Benita Taylor, Jonae McAllister and Ashley Ligon, all move on. Kameesha Worthington, E&S and Brittany Jackson, Girls\' High, plus Stephanie Hayden of Notre Dame, advance in the 800m. And in the 1500m, LaVaughn Jones, E&S, and Bodine\'s Jaleeca and Jasmine Jacobs, all advance.