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SEPTEMBER 29, 2012

Races Times:
Girls JV(9th-12th) 9:15
Boys JV (9th&10th) 10:00
Boys JV (11th&12th) 10:30
Girls PUMA Challenge 11:00
Boys PUMA Challenge 11:30
Girls Champions Race 12:00
Boys Champions Race 12:30
PUMA Challenge Awards: 1:30

Entries: *Varsity teams will consist of 7 runners, JV teams will consist of 9th-12th grade runners who are not legitimate top-5 varsity caliber runners with unlimited entries.

***NEW this YEAR***
*Seniors will be permitted to run in the JV races if they are truly JV runners.
*The JV BOYS race has been split to accommodate numbers into two races: 9th-10th and 11th-12th.
*Formal awards ceremony for award winners in the PUMA Challenge races at 1:30PM in the Stadium.

Races: PUMA Challenge Race- The challenge race will continue to feature top-ranked teams, and individuals from PA and other states. This year we will continue to attempt to balance out the varsity race sizes by asking that large schools compete in the Challenge race. Top 5 boys and girls teams win team trophies and 7 individual medals for each member of their team.

Champions Race- has traditionally been a larger race (40 50 teams) featuring smaller schools or teams truly in a building/rebuilding phase. Top-5 Boys and Girls teams win team trophies and 7 individual medals for each member of their team.

JV Races- Team trophies to the top-3 JV teams in each of the BOYS JV races and 5 medals for each scoring member of the placing teams. Team trophies to top-5 JV teams in the GIRLS JV race and 5 medals for each scoring member of the placing teams.

Awards: INDIVIDUAL AWARDS-Trophies will be awarded to the top 20 varsity runners, medals to 21st through 30th varsity finishers in the Puma Challenge. Medals will be awarded to the top 25 finishers in the Champions races. Trophies to the top male and female at each grade level in the JV races. Medals to the top 20 runners in each of the BOYS JV races. Medals to the top 30 runners the GIRLS JV race.

Entry Fee: $100.00 per varsity team (boys and girls separate teams). $50.00 per JV team entered (boys and girls teams are separate entries) or $10.00 per individual JV runner entered: Boys and Girls Varsity Teams = $200.00/ Boys and Girls Varsity and JV = $300.00. (Entry fees must be mailed prior to the race) Make checks payable to CARLISLE CROSS COUNTRY BOOSTERS. Please send to: Carlisle Cross Country, Carlisle High School, 623 West Penn St., Carlisle, PA 17013


Carlisle High School Cross Country Course. The course is exactly 5000 meters in length, is clearly marked with permanent signs at every turn and at every 500 meter interval. The course is entirely mowed grass and offers a mixture of flat and hill running. The start will offer open, unobstructed running for several hundred meters with excellent mobility throughout the entire course. The course is a little affected by even the most extreme adverse weather conditions. It provides an excellent surface for spikes or flats. It is also an excellent spectator course and offers easy race visibility for about 4000 of 5000 meters. The course has been the site of NCAA regional and national cross country finals. It was described by an out-of-state coach from a nationally ranked team as one of the top high school courses in the USA.

Questions: Carlisle Athletic Office (717-240-6800 ext 26838)