Meet Information


The William Tennent Boys and Girls track teams cordially invite you to bring your team to the twentieth annual Montgomery Memorial Meet to be held on Thursday, May 3, 2018. The cost is $125.00 per squad ($250.00 if you bring both a boys and a girls team), and we will ask you to assist us by supplying one coach who can help officiate, though we do hope to again have enough volunteers so we do not have to use coaches.

In order to prevent the meet from becoming unmanageable, we will only accept entries from schools who attended the 2017 invitational. Other teams are welcome to contact co-director Ted Abel ( to have your name placed on the waiting list. Should a team decline the invitation, we will enter your team in that teams place. It is important that before March 18 each head coach e-mail Ted Abel at to tell us whether or not you intend to participate this year. Please include the name of the coach who can assist us as well as his or her preferred assignment so that we have a list should we need to use coaches.

Please plan to use 1/8 spikes on the track and the jumping/vaulting runways and areas.  We will run a 3 turn stagger in the 4x400m relays.

Once again for this years meet:

1. All entries will be done through ( Registration begins on April 1 and must be completed by 12:01 AM on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 (yes, that is one minute after the midnight of Monday, May 1!) so we can seed the meet.

2. The password for the meet is Ken20. You will need this to register.

Checks should be made payable to Montgomery Memorial Meet Account and should be mailed to arrive at the address below by Monday, April 23 (though we will take checks at the meet if we need to).

Mr. Paul Cozza

William Tennent High School

333 Centennial Road

Warminster, PA 18974

Ted Abel, Paul Cozza, Chick Donnelly, Charlie Kistner, and Becky MacInnes Co-Meet Directors


3:30 -- Coaches Meeting in the center of the infield

* (two athletes per team per event)

Order of competition pre-seeded. Sign in at the event.

Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin -- 3 attempts

3:30 -- Boys Pole Vault, to be followed by Girls Pole Vault 15 minutes after the Boys event

-- Girls Discus, to be followed by Javelin and Shot Put in order

-- Boys Javelin, to be followed by Shot Put and Discus in order

-- Boys High Jump, to be followed by Girls High Jump 15 minutes after the Boys event

3:30 -- Girls Long Jump

 -- Boys Long Jump after Girls Long Jump

-- Girls Triple Jump immediately after Boys Long Jump

-- Boys Triple Jump after Girls Triple Jump

*(two athletes or one relay per team per event)

3:45 -- Girls 300 m Hurdles

Boys 300 m Hurdles

Girls 3200 m Relay

Boys 3200 m Relay

Girls 100 m Dash

Boys 100 m Dash

Girls 1600 m Run

Boys 1600 m Run

Girls 400 m Relay

Boys 400 m Relay

Girls 400 m Dash

Boys 400 m Dash

Girls 100 m Hurdles

Boys 110 m Hurdles

Girls 800 m Run

Boys 800 m Run

Girls 200 m Dash

Boys 200 m Dash

Girls 3200 m Run

Boys 3200 m Run

Girls 1600 m Relay   3 turn stagger

Boys 1600 m Relay   3 turn stagger

Girls Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay

Boys Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay

: Runners in the Throwers 4 x 100 relays should be primarily throwers in dual meets and/or invitationals. * Also, athletes may only use 1/8 spikes on track and on jumping runways/surfaces.

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