Montgomery Memorial Meet 2021

Warminster, PA
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Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Because of Covid protocols, the meet is severely limited this year and we are only accepting schools by invitation.  Should schools other than those specifically invited wish to attend, they may send their request to my e-mail and I will add them to the waiting list.   .......Ted Abel


Yes, William Tennent's track teams will host the 22nd Annual Montgomery Memorial Meet on Thursday, April 29,

2021, starting at 3:15 PM. However, this year's meet will not look like those of past years.

To gain the approval of the Centennial School District, we have had to put several safety protocols in place. Here are several of the more important. (When you are entered into the meet, you will receive a full list via e-mail. If you cannot work with these, please do not attempt to enter the meet.)

  1. Absolutely NO SPECTATORS.
  2. We are only permitted 12 boys and 12 girls teams, including William Tennent.
  3. Coaches must contact Ted Abel personally - e-mail =, phone = 215-514-0111 - to get the password for entering on MileSplit and to reserve your team's place. Again, only the first 11 visiting teams will be accepted. All other teams will be placed on a waiting list in order of contact. Should one of the first 11 not be able to attend, you will be contacted by Ted in the order you contacted him and then invited to attend.
  4. Each team may enter ONE athlete or ONE relay per event, not two as we have done in the past.
  5. After your team is accepted, coaches MUST enter all athletes via MileSplit BY 12:01 AM on Wednesday, April 28.If you do not enter on time, your place will be given to the next team in the queue.
  6. Given the current pandemic, several of our usual volunteer workers do not feel comfortable working the meet. We will need assistant coaches to "volunteer" to help out where we are thin, please. Head coaches MUST send Ted Abel a list of all coaches who will attend with the Team.
  7. Coaches will all get an identification bag to display during the meet. No adult without a displayed badge will be permitted in the stadium or near the throwing areas.
  8. There will be no concessions. T-shirts will be by pre-sale.
  9. As of now, all athletes must wear masks at all times - yes, even while competing - per CSD procedures. If the policy changes by meet day, we will let you know as soon as we can. Coaches and officials must also wear masks at all times.
  10. All athletes and coaches will have a temperature check at the gate near the shot put area.
  11. Throwers must bring their own implements, and vaulters may not share poles.
  12. Coaches in the coaching boxes for the LJ/TJ and the PV must maintain 6' distances from other coaches.
  13. Other than athletes in the paddock or in competition, coaches in the coaching boxes, athletes headed to the trainer, volunteer workers, or officials, NO ONE may enter the infield during the meet.

Cost = $250 per schoolsince we expect you to bring both your boys and your girls teams. The meet schedule is on the back of this page. Also, we are attempting to get the meet live-streamed. We will let you know more when we have more information. 

Thanks - the MMM Co-Meet Directors


 3:20-- Coaches Meeting in the center of the infield


FIELD EVENTS* (one athlete per team per event)

Order of competition pre-seeded.Sign in at the event.

Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin -- 3 attempts, all measured

 3:30  -- Boys Pole Vault, to be followed by Girls

Pole Vault 15 minutes after the Boys event

 -- Girls Discus, to be followed by Javelin and Shot Put in order

 -- Boys Javelin, to be followed by Shot Put and Discus in order

 -- Boys High Jump, to be followed by Girls High Jump 15 minutes after the Boys event

 3:30-- Girls Long Jump then-- Boys Long Jump after Girls Long Jump

-- Girls Triple Jump immediately after Boys Long Jump  

-- Boys Triple Jump after Girls Triple Jump

 RUNNING EVENTS* (one athlete or one relay per team per event)

 3:45 -- Girls 300 m Hurdles

Boys 300 m Hurdles

Girls 3200 m Relay

Boys 3200 m Relay

Girls 100 m Dash

Boys 100 m Dash

Girls 1600 m Run

Boys 1600 m Run

Girls 400 m Relay

Boys 400 m Relay

Girls 400 m Dash

Boys 400 m Dash

Girls 100 m Hurdles

Boys 110 m Hurdles

Girls 800 m Run

Boys 800 m Run

Girls 200 m Dash

Boys 200 m Dash

Girls 3200 m Run

Boys 3200 m Run

Girls 1600 m Relay

Boys 1600 m Relay

Girls Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay*

Boys Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay*

 *NOTE: Runners in the Throwers 4 x 100 relays should be primarily throwers in dual meets and/or invitationals. *

Also, athletes may only use 1/8" spikes on track and on jumping runways/surfaces.