Germantown Academy vs Notre Dame & Baldwin 2021

Fort Washington, PA
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Athlete Entries

Girls 5000 Meter Run 52 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Calvert, Chloe Academy of Notre Dame
Corrielus, Sabine Academy of Notre Dame
Karpf, Lana Germantown Academy
Eichsteadt, Allison Germantown Academy
Cella, Peyton Academy of Notre Dame
Rossano, Mary Academy of Notre Dame
Durkin, Abigail Germantown Academy
Bandekar, Sanya Germantown Academy
DiFranco, Taryn Germantown Academy
Calderon, Eleinna Academy of Notre Dame
Jappe, Olivia 19:28.40 Germantown Academy
Gonzalez, Juliana 20:23.30 Germantown Academy
Merrill, Olivia 20:23.50 Germantown Academy
D'Eletto, Kayla 20:40.70 Germantown Academy
Connolly, Carolyn 20:52.80 Germantown Academy
Stevenson, Cara 20:53.00 Academy of Notre Dame
Brady, Maura 21:00.60 Academy of Notre Dame
Calvert, Kyleigh 21:01.50 Academy of Notre Dame
McCloskey, Micaela 21:40.40 Academy of Notre Dame
Morrissey, Maggie 22:02.50 Germantown Academy
Perry, Lauren 23:24.50 Germantown Academy
Halak, Lauren 23:27.95 Baldwin School
McGuinn, Emma 23:34.60 Academy of Notre Dame
Harrington, Basha 23:50.50 Germantown Academy
Murray, Colleen 23:51.10 Academy of Notre Dame
Matje, Bethany 24:04.60 Germantown Academy
Medina, Candice 24:10.00 Germantown Academy
Snyder, Lydia 24:29.61 Baldwin School
Ying, Sarah 25:06.59 Baldwin School
McDevitt, Sophie 25:35.18 Academy of Notre Dame
Williams, Jordyn 25:50.60 Academy of Notre Dame
Peyton, Stephanie 25:54.10 Academy of Notre Dame
Alger, Clara 26:01.00 Germantown Academy
Stankiewicz-Goldsmith, Olivia 26:44.32 Baldwin School
Mistry, Lila 27:17.95 Baldwin School
Eichsteadt, Sofia 28:26.10 Germantown Academy
Keuffel, Anna 28:35.82 Baldwin School
Manusov, Hannah 29:46.40 Germantown Academy
Krein, Maggie 30:55.60 Academy of Notre Dame
Meng, Allison 31:13.51 Baldwin School
Dumon, Darya 31:13.79 Baldwin School
Cahill, Annie 31:37.08 Baldwin School
Min, Sara 31:39.11 Baldwin School
He, Summer 32:04.41 Baldwin School
Haile, Aida 32:19.79 Baldwin School
Williams, Blair 32:27.63 Baldwin School
Murray, Camille 32:29.61 Baldwin School
Kim, Claudia 33:36.27 Baldwin School
Pierce, Samantha 33:54.09 Baldwin School
Young, Gemma 34:25.01 Baldwin School
Brabson, Sydney 34:27.35 Baldwin School
Kanchwala, Hafsa 35:56.43 Baldwin School
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