YAIAA Track and Field Championship 2023

York, PA
Hosted by YAIAA League
Timing/Results MAC-FAT, LLC.

Meet Information

                              Y.A.I.A.A. HERB SCHMIDT    

                                        TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP 
- 2023 -

 Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Coaches and Officials Meeting - 1:30 pm
Raindate - Thursday, May 11, 2023


  1. We are using MileSplit for our entries to be consistent with the District III Track and Field Championships.
  1. Registration will open on Monday, April 10, 2023, at 8:00 am.  The deadline for entries will be Saturday, May 6, 2023, at 12:00 pm. No substitutions or performance updates will be accepted after that time. There will be no scratch/add for this meet.
  1. Performance Sheets will be available Sunday, May 7, 2023, after 7:00 pm; they will be available along with heat sheets and field flights at macfat.net.  Live results along with sprint final qualifiers will be available in real-time the day of the meet at macfat.net.  There will be no printed meet programas spectators will be able to access all pertinent information on their phones; a QR code will be posted at the meet directing users to macfat.net.
  1. Times and distances are acceptable only if established during a P.I.A.A. dual meet or a P.I.A.A. approved invitational during the 2023 spring season. Coaches must be able to defend any challenged times/distances with legitimate documentation.
  1. Include first and last names.  If you are entering hand-held times, please add .24 to the entry time.  If you are entering FAT times, enter the time as is.  Distances for all field events, except the discus and javelin, should be reported to the nearest lesser 1/4 (one quarter) inch.  The discus and javelin should be reported to the lesser inch. Eight competitors may be entered for each relay.  The final four runners will be designated in the paddock.  Competitors must be included on the original entry.
  2. An athlete may be entered in no more than four events. Only three entries per event per team. Only one relay entry per team. 

Entry Limits

  1. maintain the quality of this track and field championship, a maximum number for each event has been set.  If more than the maximum number of entries is received, only the top performers will compete.

3200m Relay

14 teams



100/110m HH


1600m Relay

16 teams









400m Relay

16 teams

Shot Put




Pole Vault


300m IH


High Jump




Long Jump




Triple Jump




 1. Gates will open for all competitors at 12:30 pm. Gate for spectators will open at 1:15 pm.

 2. Admission: Adults - $6.00 Students - $4.00

 3. Officials:  YAIAA Chapter P.I.A.A. Track and Field Officials. All rules and regulations for competition will be enforced according to P.I.A.A. and National Federation Guidelines for Track and Field.

 4. Maximum spike length is " or less.

 5. Starting blocks and relay batons will be supplied.

 6. Each athlete will supply their javelin, discus and/or shot for competition. There will be no "community" implements. Implements will be weighed at the respective venue at check-in for competition. There will be no implement weigh-in for the javelin competition.

 7. Javelins will not be allowed in the stadium area and must be stored on buses when not in use.

8.Spectators, coaches, managers, and non-competing athletes will not be permitted on the track or the infield event competition areas. There will be designated coaching areas in the pole vault/high jump areas and the long jump/triple jump areas.

 9. Warm-ups for runners will be allowed on the backstretch of the track as each event permits.

 10. Warm-ups for field events will be allowed 20 minutes before the start of each event. Only those contestants entered for each event will be allowed in the designated field event areas.

 11. Checking into an event: Only the actual competitor or his/her coach may check an athlete into an event.

 12. Checking-out from field events: When initially checking in for a field event, the competitor should inform the head event judge of the potential necessity of the athlete needing to leave the field event to compete in another event. (NFHSTF Rule 6, Sect 2, Art 3) "To accommodate those competitors who may be excused to participate in other events, the head event judge may change the order of competition in the preliminary or final rounds of any jumping or throwing event by any method where the competitor being excused jumps/throws earlier than the spot at which he/she qualified."  The time limit for a competitor excused to compete in another event shall be 15 minutes; in the event that there is a delay in the timely progression of events on the track, the games committee reserves the right to extend that time limit in order to fairly accommodate an athlete attempting to work within the confines of this guideline. Athletes will not be excused before the third call of their track event and must notify the head event judge that they are checking out at that time; the head event judge will make note of the check-out time.  The athlete must notify the head event judge when they return to the field event. (NFHSTF Rule 6, Sect 2, Art 3) "In the vertical jumps, before the crossbar is raised, the judge will pass an excused competitor who has not returned within the designated time limit"; the bar will then be raised to the next height and competition will be resumed."  In all other field events, an excused competitor who has not returned within the designated time limit and has remaining trials shall be called for their attempt and be charged with a foul if they fail to complete their attempt within the allowed time for the trial.

 13. Sprint Qualifying from trials to finals- 4 heats of eight with winner from each heat plus next four fastest times advancing to finals.

 14. Field Qualifying- SP, D, J, TJ, LJ- 2 flights of 10 competitors with top nine advancing to the final round. There will be three (3) preliminary and (3) final trials in the shot put, discus, javelin, long jump, and triple jump.  All jumps or throws will count toward the final place.

 15. Vaulters will be weighed in from 1:00 to 1:50; weigh-ins will occur at the event venue. Please adjust your arrival time to accommodate. Please be sure that you are using the current pole vault form: PENNSYLVANIA INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (PIAA) POLE VAULT VERIFICATION FORM (Revised November 20,2021)

 16. The starting height in the high jump will be 2" below the lowest qualifier.  The starting height in the pole vault will be 6" below the lowest qualifier. Meet management will establish the height advancement schedule once the field has been set. Coaches will be informed of this schedule by Monday, May 8, 2023. Both the Pole Vault and High Jump may employ "five alive."

 17. Medals shall be awarded for the first eight place winners.  The Y.A.I.A.A. Track Committee will supply duplicate medals in the event of ties.  Athletes must be in school issued uniform when receiving their medals on the medal stand.

 18. Please Note- due to the proximity of the javelin venue/runway to the visitors' stands and horizontal jump runways, a dangerous situation may arise if crosswinds should develop the day of the meet. Meet management reserves the right to postpone or suspend competition if danger to spectators or participants exists due to such conditions.


Schedule of Events