Neely Spence wins the USATF Women's Junior XC Champs!

From the Running Times:

Photo by Timothy O'Dowd, for

Shippensburg State frosh Neely Spence won the women's junior race, which isn't that much of a surprise. What was surprising is that, although she had a slight lead after 1 2K lap of the 6K race, at 4K she had been joined by Ashley Brasovan. Brasovan was the 2007 Foot Locker cross country champion. Over the last 7 minutes of running, however, Spence powered away to a 14-second victory, 20:43 to 20:57. Next year Spence will have to run in the open women's race, but Spence dynasty fans need not fear--Neely's 15-year-old sister, Reynah, also contested today's race.

Photo Gallery by Timothy O'Dowd,


Junior XC Women's Results


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  • JimDillner / 6 Years Ago
    A great win for Neely over quality competition! I did't see her sister listed with the competitors. Anybody get her time?
  • jhj105 / 6 Years Ago
    It was a great race. She looked super-relaxed. Her sister ran the community race. It was a 4k. She won with a time of 15:40. Their dad said her goal was 16 minutes. So they had a great day all around. I didn't see the results, just heard Coach Spence mention that in an interview.

    State College High School Coach, Rebecca Donaghue, was 5th in the senior women's 8k. So PA had a great day and will be represented well in Amman. She recapped the race on her blog,

    Also, Notre Dame alum, Luke Watson, who is going to grad school at Penn State finished 27th.