Avery Lewis Breaks 30-Year-Old Long Jump State Record

It was a busy Sunday for Pennsylvania's newest star. Avery Lewis clocked a PA No. 4 all-time performance of 23.91 in the 200 meters, but she also took down a PA state record that has stood for 30 years.

At the VA Showcase, Lewis leapt a best of 20 feet, 8 inches on her final attempt in the long jump to close out a monster series on the runway. That jump of 20-8 breaks Dawn Burrell's 1991 indoor state record of 20-2-.5 -- a record that was set long before Lewis was born.

Burrell, who competed for Penn Wood, won gold in the long jump at the 2001 IAAF World Indoor Championships and qualified for the Olympic Games in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, where she placed tenth.

Besides Burrell and now Lewis, Breana Gambrell, now at Penn State, was the only other PA girl to have jumped over 20 feet in the long jump. Gambrell jumped a best of 20-1.5 in 2018.

Lewis officially broke the record on her fifth attempt, putting down a jump of 20-4.75. She let loose on her final attempt and bettered that by over three inches. Before that, Lewis put down clean jumps all in the high 19-foot range.

Event 76  Girls Long Jump Invitational
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Lewis, Avery                 Unattached            20-08.00
      19-09.50  19-09.50  19-08.75  19-11.75  20-04.75  20-08  
  2 Stapleton, Tess              Unattached            19-06.75
      FOUL  19-01.75  19-06.75  FOUL  19-04.50  FOUL           
  3 Foreman, Jada                Unattached            19-05.00
      17-10.25  19-05  19-01.50  18-01.75  18-04.25  19-00.25  
  4 Frye, Eddiyah                Unattached            19-02.00
      18-10.75  19-02  19-00  18-10.25  18-03.25  18-11.25     
  5 Brand, Brianna               Unattached            18-11.50
      FOUL  18-11.50  FOUL  18-07.50  18-07  FOUL              
  6 Saunders, Jahnelle           Alojore Aerial        18-08.25
      17-11.25  18-00.75  18-04.25  18-08.25  18-01.25  FOUL   
  7 Floriea, Paige               Second Sole           18-07.25
      18-02.25  18-07.25  FOUL  17-01.75  17-10  FOUL          
  8 Zwaanstra, Teagan            Steadfast Tr          18-07.00
      FOUL  18-05.25  FOUL  18-07  FOUL  FOUL                  
  9 Lonneman, Megan              Valor Christian TC    18-01.00
      18-01  17-02  17-09.25  FOUL  17-07.50  18-00.75         
 10 Taylor, Tia                  Mt. Airy Track Club   17-07.50
      17-07.50  FOUL  FOUL                                     
 11 Reece, Jasmyn                Unattached            16-06.25
      16-01.75  12-05.75  16-06.25                             

Lewis was competing for the North Carolina-based Run U Xpress this weekend, but Lewis is a freshman at Friends' Central in Wynnewood, PA.

Lewis already stood atop the state rankings in the long jump, with a best of 19-6 from the Hispanic Games last weekend. She beat that previous state-leading mark on all six of her jumps on Sunday.

This looks like it's just the beginning of what will be an exciting high school career for Lewis, a rising versatile talent to keep an eye on.