Virtual Meet: Class 1A Girls' Teams At PIAA State Championships

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How will the girls' 1A team race play out on Saturday? We took used our virtual meet feature to determine how things would play out at Hershey on paper, using each athlete's best 5K time from the season.

For this virtual meet, we used only the teams that qualified full squads for the PIAA State Championship. To take a look at the top girls times, check out our list of 200 fastest 5Ks sorted by classification.

Check out the 1A girls' team virtual meet below and modify it yourself here!

Team Scores

1Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy943+5+15+23+48 (73+85)2:24.0019:48.86
2Fairview974+10+12+26+45 (56+89)2:16.3019:53.18
3Vincentian Academy100.58+14+19+21+38.5 (45+75)1:54.3020:01.98
4Warrior Run139.51+22+33+36.5+47 (60+66)3:24.9020:11.12
5Marion Center Area1539+20+32+42+50 (57+59)2:04.4020:26.58
6Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr15318+25+27+31+52 (111+128)1:15.0020:36.60
7Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic1752+13+45+53+62 (72+80)3:00.8020:31.88
8Holy Cross High School1906+17+38.5+58+70.5 (83+91)3:09.0020:43.40
9Camp Hill19924+29+30+49+67 (112+114)1:31.6020:57.10
10Lakeview20811+35+40+43+79 (84+93)2:46.1620:56.36
11York Catholic283.516+28+64+70.5+105 (107+121)3:36.0021:35.18
12Our Lady Of Sacred Heart315.57+41+78+94+95.5 (98+103)3:50.0021:37.26
13Cranberry329.554.5+61+63+69+82 (87.5+97)51.0021:51.20
14Mohawk36734+54.5+81+87.5+110 (115+127)2:59.0022:12.00
15Mahanoy Area38436.5+74+86+92+95.5 (99.5+120)1:55.0022:13.88
16Neumann Goretti40551+65+76+104+109 (132+133)2:30.1022:31.76
17Brookville Area435.568+77+90+99.5+101 (113+118)1:12.0022:37.40
18Southern Fulton566102+106+117+119+122 (124+125)2:09.5424:13.51
19Paul Robeson School for Human Services602108+116+123+126+129 (130+131)3:17.1025:29.36


1Lauren Trapani2021Warrior Run17:41.40 1
2Rylee Kopchak2018Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic18:41.00 2
3Sera Mazza2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy18:45.00 3
4Maddison Hayes2021Fairview18:49.70 4
5Julia Cusatis2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy18:52.80 5
6Lexi Walsh2018Holy Cross High School18:56.00 6
7Haley Hamilton2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart19:03.00 7
8Tara Lucot2021Vincentian Academy19:04.70 8
9MacKenzie Walker2019Marion Center Area19:06.10 9
10Halle Myers2021Fairview19:24.20 10
11Claire Oliver2020Lakeview19:29.13 11
12Juliana Robinson2019Fairview19:39.70 12
13Katherine Fedko2019Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic19:42.92 13
14Marissa Canzian2019Vincentian Academy19:44.00 14
15Maggie Urban2018Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy19:56.00 15
16Katelyn MacDougall2018York Catholic19:56.60 16
17Molly Repecki2020Holy Cross High School20:04.00 17
18Kayleigh Doyle2020Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr20:06.00 18
19Hollie Walters2020Vincentian Academy20:06.20 19
20Alyx Cornetto2020Marion Center Area20:10.90 20
21Delaney McCarthy2018Vincentian Academy20:16.00 21
22Alyssa Hoffman2021Warrior Run20:20.90 22
23Addie Ebbs2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy20:21.50 23
24Kaitlyn Vorkapich2020Camp Hill20:24.70 24
25Emma Seifried2018Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr20:26.00 25
26Katie Sherwin2019Fairview20:26.30 26
27Hannah Seifried2018Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr20:30.00 27
28Rachel Kordaz2018York Catholic20:36.00 28
29Allison Einig2018Camp Hill20:36.50 29
30Julia Raich2021Camp Hill20:38.00 30
31Chiara O'Keefe2020Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr20:40.00 31
32Micaylee DeHaven2020Marion Center Area20:41.00 32
33Cameron Trapani2021Warrior Run20:49.00 33
34Sabrina McClain2019Mohawk20:51.00 34
35Danielle Williams2019Lakeview20:52.00 35
36Emma Miller2021Warrior Run20:58.00 36.5
36Madison Quick2021Mahanoy Area20:58.00 36.5
38Abby Sempa2019Holy Cross High School20:59.00 38.5
38Makara Smocer2019Vincentian Academy20:59.00 38.5
40Hanna Drozynski2018Lakeview21:00.37 40
41Francesca Taylor2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart21:02.70 41
42Emily Risinger2018Marion Center Area21:04.40 42
43Kendra Benton2018Lakeview21:05.00 43
44Annabelle Nielson2020Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic21:06.00 45
44Dana Schaich2019Vincentian Academy21:06.00 45
44Denise Zheng2021Fairview21:06.00 45
47Haydn Wilkins2019Warrior Run21:06.30 47
48Myah Chappell2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy21:09.00 48
49Laura Sakol2020Camp Hill21:10.00 49
50Mckenzie Lucas2018Marion Center Area21:10.50 50
51Sherisse Peterson2021Neumann Goretti21:17.60 51
52Kayleigh Doyle2020Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr21:21.00 52
53Emma MacDonald2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic21:27.70 53
54Nadia Lape2021Mohawk21:31.00 54.5
54Tifany Berry2018Cranberry21:31.00 54.5
56Kacey Sherwood2019Fairview21:31.30 56
57Ariah Alabran2019Marion Center Area21:32.10 57
58Alex Tomaine2020Holy Cross High School21:33.00 58
59Alexa Ackerman2021Marion Center Area21:36.80 59
60Nicole Keim2021Warrior Run21:38.30 60
61Chelsea McKissick2020Cranberry21:40.00 61
62Lucy Waskiewicz2020Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic21:41.80 62
63Kalynne Ziegler2021Cranberry21:43.00 63
64Megan Hale2019York Catholic21:45.70 64
65Mykala Perry2020Neumann Goretti21:49.50 65
66Jennica Ramos2021Warrior Run21:54.30 66
67Samantha Smeal2018Camp Hill21:56.30 67
68Alexis Dubay2019Brookville Area21:58.00 68
69Lauren Varsek2019Cranberry22:00.00 69
70Ericka Pica2019Holy Cross High School22:05.00 70.5
70Gabrielle DeBolt2018York Catholic22:05.00 70.5
72Julia Kocsis2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic22:06.90 72
73Kathleen Simander2021Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy22:07.00 73
74Megan Babinsky2018Mahanoy Area22:08.00 74
75Mary Ella McCarthy2021Vincentian Academy22:11.00 75
76Kimberly Johnson2021Neumann Goretti22:13.00 76
77Emma Fiscus2021Brookville Area22:14.00 77
78Cherise Schultz2020Marion Center Area22:14.60 --
79Katherine Marks2019Our Lady Of Sacred Heart22:15.00 78
80Lauren Turik2020Lakeview22:15.29 79
81Brooke Carmazzi2018Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic22:16.52 80
82Marissa McClain2021Mohawk22:17.00 81
83Miranda Beichner2020Cranberry22:22.00 82
84Mollie Burda2018Holy Cross High School22:26.82 83
85Bailey Kasbee2020Lakeview22:28.00 84
86Lindsey Carmack2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy22:28.60 85
87Jordan Karmonick2020Mahanoy Area22:29.00 86
88Ashley Finch2018Cranberry22:31.00 87.5
88Meghan Johnson2018Mohawk22:31.00 87.5
90Madison Blickley2020Warrior Run22:32.60 --
91Lauren Merski2020Fairview22:33.90 89
92Jennifer Kidder2019Brookville Area22:37.00 90
93Isabella Madonna2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic22:39.50 --
94Emily Ferguson2021Holy Cross High School22:41.00 91
95Megan Bisco2018Mahanoy Area22:41.39 92
96Anastasia Hovis2018Lakeview22:50.00 93
97Kathleen Simander2021Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy22:50.69 --
98Abby Aiello2021Our Lady Of Sacred Heart22:52.60 94
99Cierra Abrachinsky2018Mahanoy Area22:53.00 95.5
99Hannah Valenty2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart22:53.00 95.5
101Carley Schreck2019Cranberry22:54.00 97
102Abby Beggs2019Lakeview22:54.32 --
103Lexi Kranich2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy22:54.40 --
104Grace Majoris2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart22:54.60 98
105Aubrey Noble2019Brookville Area23:08.00 99.5
105Lea Fisher2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy23:08.00 --
105Sophia Granados2018Mahanoy Area23:08.00 99.5
108Elissa McNeil2019Brookville Area23:10.00 101
109Shyra Lute2019Marion Center Area23:10.50 --
110Elizabeth Flaherty2020Southern Fulton23:11.36 102
111Camryn Eby2021Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy23:13.16 --
112Lexi Carmack2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy23:15.00 --
113Katherine Kaminski2018Our Lady Of Sacred Heart23:17.00 103
114Virginia McDonough2021Holy Cross High School23:20.00 --
115Paige Oliver2018Lakeview23:21.10 --
116Leigh Merski2020Fairview23:22.30 --
117Jordan Hartman2021Warrior Run23:25.20 --
118Mykala Perry2020Neumann Goretti23:31.00 104
119Alanna Ranck2021Warrior Run23:31.90 --
120Allison Flaim2020York Catholic23:32.60 105
121Lydia Barnard2021Lakeview23:34.84 --
122Cheyenne Risbon2021Southern Fulton23:37.35 106
123Olivia Ellis2018York Catholic23:40.50 107
124Lisa Nardozzi2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart23:41.00 --
125Gabby Allman2019Cranberry23:41.87 --
126Laurel Ecklund2019Cranberry23:42.64 --
127Philis Fugah2019Paul Robeson School for Human Services23:45.90 108
128Alaysha Jones2020Neumann Goretti23:47.70 109
129Paige Householder2021Mohawk23:50.00 110
130Sydney Edwards2018Marion Center Area23:50.30 --
131Claire Friedlander2019Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr23:51.00 111
132Maddie Stalter2020Camp Hill23:56.00 112
133Jenny Falgione2018Our Lady Of Sacred Heart23:56.80 --
134Brynn Afton2019Brookville Area24:00.00 113
135Anne Johnson2018Camp Hill24:01.50 114
136Abby Shoaf2021Mohawk24:05.00 115
137Caitlyn Harper2018Camp Hill24:06.70 --
138Lauren Graper2021Vincentian Academy24:07.80 --
139Anna Long2021Camp Hill24:08.30 --
140Cadee Wood2020Warrior Run24:09.30 --
141Hydia Corprew2018Paul Robeson School for Human Services24:11.80 116
142Mary Dudich2018Southern Fulton24:14.35 117
143Taylor Maxwell2018Lakeview24:21.00 --
144Alayna Yost2020Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic24:25.40 --
145Dani MacBeth2019Brookville Area24:27.00 118
146MK Rae2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic24:34.00 --
147Sasha Planinsic2021Our Lady Of Sacred Heart24:37.20 --
148Ava Hull2021Southern Fulton24:43.58 119
149Lexi Kranich2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy24:45.00 --
150Cynthia Walker2018Lakeview24:47.35 --
151Payton Bernardyn2018Mahanoy Area24:53.00 120
152Breanna Pearl2020York Catholic24:56.30 121
153Maitane Elizalde2019Marion Center Area25:07.10 --
154Madison Weaver2021Cranberry25:19.35 --
155Lindsey Hollenshead2020Southern Fulton25:20.90 122
156Exie Mouck2018Lakeview25:41.10 --
157Shannon Saclyn2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy25:48.49 --
158Claire O'Connor2020Holy Cross High School25:50.00 --
159Rebekah Bollman2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic25:50.20 --
160Ali Schwartz2021Fairview25:54.10 --
161Mackenzie Wenmoth2020Cranberry25:58.29 --
162Olivia Sees2018Warrior Run26:04.00 --
163Dawsian Dawson2018Paul Robeson School for Human Services26:07.80 123
164Grace Dudich0Southern Fulton26:08.22 124
165Sierra McDonald2021Southern Fulton26:09.09 125
166Anna Rutkowski2020Our Lady Of Sacred Heart26:10.70 --
167Camille Gibbons2020Marion Center Area26:15.00 --
168Ceoni Bennett2018Paul Robeson School for Human Services26:18.30 126
169Kayla White2018Our Lady Of Sacred Heart26:29.00 --
170Alissa Young2020Mohawk26:33.00 127
171Emma Raich2018Camp Hill26:37.40 --
172Kyrah Ortega2019Warrior Run26:39.00 --
173Sara Virostek2020Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic26:45.10 --
174Shala Mullin2021Mahanoy Area26:46.00 --
175Gabriella Palmer2020Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic26:49.20 --
176Kelly Shaughnessy2018Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr27:00.00 128
177Ceyonnah Creamer2021Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:03.00 129
178Lexi Mesaros2021Fairview27:09.20 --
179Alexis Mesaros2021Fairview27:12.18 --
180Joan Costello2018Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr27:15.00 --
181Elizabeth Davis2019Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr27:33.00 --
182Kenzie Litzinger2021Fairview27:35.00 --
183Jahara Harrell2019Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:37.00 130
184Annalise Dati2019Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr27:38.00 --
185Hayden Divers2018Warrior Run28:02.10 --
186Justina Mckenzie2020Mahanoy Area28:11.00 --
187Secret Underwood2018Paul Robeson School for Human Services28:16.60 131
188Leah Verdi2021Mohawk28:25.00 --
189Kamry Chambers2021Paul Robeson School for Human Services29:15.70 --
190Bella Kunsak2021Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic29:22.22 --
191Taylor Evans2020Mahanoy Area29:43.00 --
192Rachel Ward2018Fairview29:57.80 --
193Mackenzie Shay2020Mohawk30:00.00 --
194Jazmyn Ellis2020Neumann Goretti30:11.60 132
195Alanah Guy2021Neumann Goretti30:16.20 133