4/22-West Catholic makes 4x400 COA, Koons 3rd in Mile, Thaeder top PA finisher in 3K on Thursday

While there is lots more to report from Thursday after the meet, the highlights after the meet records by Nicole Leach, Ruby Radocaj and Lindsay Regan include West Catholic making the 4x400 Championship of America (splits: Sheard 57.4, Thomas 55.4, Lawson 59.9, Leach 52.8); Francis Koons taking 3rd in Mile, and Katie Thaeder running a smart race to be PA's finisher in 3000.

Frances Koons, Central Catholic, was 3rd in the Mile, the only one to push the pursuit of the eventual winner.

Katie Thaeder, a Uniontown junior, was the top PA finisher in the 3000 after a strategic race.