Virtual Meet: 1A Girls Teams At The PIAA State Championships

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How will the girls' 1A race play out at the PIAA State Championships on Saturday? 

We can speculate how the race could go down with a virtual meet. We used just the girls' state qualifying teams in this virtual meet to figure out how the team situation could play out at the state meet. We also included a ranking of the scoring individuals.

Using our virtual meet feature, we can predict how a particular meet may play out on paper. It uses each athlete's best time from either this season and scores the meet like a normal XC meet. You can also tinker with the meet yourself and figure out potential scenarios HERE!

Team Scores

1Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy1093+4+18+32+52 (68+103)2:20.6020:35.12
2Marion Center Area1318+13+19+28+63 (80+85)1:58.8320:54.97
3Union City Area14214+21+26+33+48 (49+50)1:15.0521:06.43
4Calvary Christian Academy1521+12+15+38+86 (125+129)3:33.2020:47.14
5Masterman15617+23+27+31+58 (92+108)1:16.7021:15.36
6Vincentian Academy1649+10+29+57+59 (91+107)1:53.9421:05.71
7Notre Dame Green Pond1825+35+43+45+54 (70+88)2:20.3821:09.78
8Lakeview20311+16+40+67+69 (77+89)2:00.9421:21.75
9Neumann Goretti20324+34+36+53+56 (72+104)45.1021:30.60
10Troy21725+39+41+46+66 (76+83.5)1:00.0021:34.40
11Camp Hill2197+44+47+60+61 (75+95)1:58.3921:28.53
12Cranberry25022+37+55+65+71 (83.5+97)1:20.6421:44.62
13Clarion Area2746+30+51+78+109 (110+119)3:57.7221:49.45
14North Catholic2822+20+73+82+105 (113+115)4:11.5421:46.75
15West Greene High School41664+74+79+93+106 (118+120)1:36.4022:44.24
16Riverview42762+81+90+96+98 (102+116)1:03.3022:43.86
17Holy Cross High School42942+87+99+100+101 (117+122)1:51.4022:48.60
18Meyersdale Area55294+111+112+114+121 (124+132)2:35.3024:08.14
19Paul Robeson School for Human Services634123+126+127+128+130 (131+133)1:42.0026:52.96

5000 Meter Run

1Abigail Brown2019Calvary Christian Academy19:05.30 1
2Alaina Hicks2022North Catholic19:24.46 2
3Sera Mazza2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy19:27.00 3
4Julia Cusatis2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy19:28.00 4
5Grace Medei2021Notre Dame Green Pond19:29.51 5
6Evelyn Lerch2022Clarion Area19:49.27 6
7Laura Sakol2020Camp Hill20:05.53 7
8MacKenzie Walker2019Marion Center Area20:05.67 8
9Tara Lucot2021Vincentian Academy20:07.00 9
10Hollie Walters2020Vincentian Academy20:13.00 10
11Claire Oliver2020Lakeview20:16.00 11
12Raegan Dubeck2019Calvary Christian Academy20:16.10 12
13Nevada Armstrong2022Marion Center Area20:19.00 13
14Abby Anaya2019Union City Area20:25.93 14
15Leah Angstadt2021Calvary Christian Academy20:31.40 15
16Danielle Williams2019Lakeview20:34.00 16
17Anya Gizis2019Masterman20:43.30 17
18Kate Youngmark2022Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy20:54.00 18
19Micaylee DeHaven2020Marion Center Area20:54.10 19
20Emma MacDonald2021North Catholic20:54.50 20
21Allie Van Dee2019Union City Area20:56.64 21
22Kalynne Ziegler2021Cranberry20:58.61 22
23Viki Mancoridis2019Masterman21:06.20 23
24Dasia Wilson2019Neumann Goretti21:07.30 24
25Katherine Polakowski2019Troy21:09.00 25
26Andrea Myer2021Union City Area21:09.45 26
27Marina Mancoridis2019Masterman21:10.40 27
28Alyx Cornetto2020Marion Center Area21:11.60 28
29Dana Schaich2019Vincentian Academy21:13.00 29
30Bella Scott2022Clarion Area21:14.76 30
31Jennifer Luong2019Masterman21:16.90 31
32Kathleen Simander2021Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy21:19.00 32
33Gracey Shrout2020Union City Area21:19.17 33
34Kami Joi Hickson2020Neumann Goretti21:19.60 34
35Serena Azzalina0Notre Dame Green Pond21:23.00 35
36Mykala Perry2020Neumann Goretti21:24.20 36
37Lauren Varsek2019Cranberry21:24.26 37
38Lydia Brown2021Calvary Christian Academy21:24.40 38
39Brooke Hinman2019Troy21:26.00 39
40Aubrey Hogue2022Lakeview21:29.20 40
41Sydney Taylor2022Troy21:32.00 41
42Molly Repecki2020Holy Cross High School21:32.20 42
43Serena Azallina0Notre Dame Green Pond21:32.24 43
44Julia Raich2021Camp Hill21:33.61 44
45Anna Mills2019Notre Dame Green Pond21:34.27 45
46Mya Thuotte2020Troy21:36.00 46
47Kaitlyn Vorkapich2020Camp Hill21:37.40 47
48Brooke Reagle2021Union City Area21:40.98 48
49Octavia Kosnik2021Union City Area21:43.22 49
50Jenna VanDee2022Union City Area21:43.72 50
51Phylicia Hockman2019Clarion Area21:44.46 51
52Lindsey Carmack2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy21:47.60 52
53Najah Hunter2022Neumann Goretti21:49.50 53
54Katelyn Schweitzer2020Notre Dame Green Pond21:49.89 54
55Samantha Woolcock2019Cranberry21:52.01 55
56Sanaiya Watts2019Neumann Goretti21:52.40 56
57Makara Smocer2019Vincentian Academy21:54.61 57
58Lola Milder2021Masterman22:00.00 58
59Mary Ella McCarthy2021Vincentian Academy22:00.94 59
60Bramley Hawkins2022Camp Hill22:02.20 60
61Julia Aungst2021Camp Hill22:03.92 61
62Marina Pietz2020Riverview22:04.00 62
63Lilly Ryer2022Marion Center Area22:04.50 63
64Katie Lampe2022West Greene High School22:05.40 64
65Carley Schreck2019Cranberry22:08.99 65
66Halie Buck2021Troy22:09.00 66
67Mikayla Montgomery0Lakeview22:12.60 67
68Myah Chappell2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy22:16.00 68
69Abby Mellon2022Lakeview22:16.94 69
70Gianna Farina2020Notre Dame Green Pond22:18.96 70
71Miranda Beichner2020Cranberry22:19.25 71
72Kimberly Johnson2021Neumann Goretti22:20.60 72
73Riley Orr2022North Catholic22:23.00 73
74Brooke Barner2022West Greene High School22:25.00 74
75Janelyn Vorkapich2022Camp Hill22:25.60 75
76Abigail Lewis2020Troy22:27.00 76
77Abby Beggs2019Lakeview22:28.46 77
78Katie Craig2019Clarion Area22:31.75 78
79McKenna Lampe2019West Greene High School22:32.00 79
80Cherise Schultz2020Marion Center Area22:33.79 80
81Ally Johnson2021Riverview22:34.00 81
82Isabella Madonna2021North Catholic22:35.79 82
83Chelsea McKissick2020Cranberry22:36.50 83.5
83McKenzi Bellinger2021Troy22:36.50 83.5
85Ariah Alabran2019Marion Center Area22:37.38 85
86Elise Fauske2019Calvary Christian Academy22:38.50 86
87Alex Tomaine2020Holy Cross High School22:40.50 87
88Zoryana Steele2021Notre Dame Green Pond22:41.31 88
89Lauren Turik2020Lakeview22:41.40 89
90Mikaela Collins2020Riverview22:48.45 90
91Marissa Canzian2019Vincentian Academy22:54.00 91
92Taryn Flaherty2021Masterman22:56.10 92
93Ashley Cumberledge2019West Greene High School22:57.00 93
94Elise Hutzell2019Meyersdale Area22:58.20 94
95Anna Long2021Camp Hill22:58.48 95
96Charlotte Gardner2022Marion Center Area23:02.30 --
97Alexa Ackerman2021Marion Center Area23:03.00 --
98Bailey Kasbee2020Lakeview23:03.48 --
99Alissa Loeblein2022Lakeview23:04.89 --
100Meredith Kocur2019Riverview23:05.55 96
101Gabby Allman2019Cranberry23:07.24 97
102Izzy Komaniak2019Riverview23:07.30 98
103Kaitlyn Farrell2022Holy Cross High School23:10.40 99
104Grace Shartle2021Camp Hill23:15.84 --
105Claire O'Connor2020Holy Cross High School23:16.30 100
106Anjali Zumkhawala-Cook2022Camp Hill23:16.72 --
107Ericka Pica2019Holy Cross High School23:23.60 101
108Hannah Morrissey2022Riverview23:25.00 102
109Lea Fisher2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy23:27.00 103
110Alexa Boley2022Cranberry23:30.24 --
111Acey Pratt2020Neumann Goretti23:35.40 104
112Julia Kocsis2021North Catholic23:36.00 105
113Madison Lampe2019West Greene High School23:41.80 106
114Trishy Bloom2022Vincentian Academy23:43.00 107
115Avalon Hinchman2021Masterman23:44.40 108
116Gabriella Fleming2019Clarion Area23:46.99 109
117Grace Adams2022Clarion Area23:49.47 110
118Madisyn Baxter2020Troy23:51.00 --
119Allman Gabrielle0Cranberry23:51.96 --
120Madison Faner2021Meyersdale Area23:53.00 111
121Taylor Haskell2020Union City Area23:53.72 --
122Carissa Miller2020Meyersdale Area23:54.00 112
123Sarah Watkins2019Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy23:57.90 --
124Lucy Waskiewicz2020North Catholic23:58.00 113
125Madeline Delosa2019Troy24:00.50 --
126Marin Smocer2021Vincentian Academy24:05.00 --
127Laura Dainauski2021Notre Dame Green Pond24:12.54 --
128Anna Oneill-Dietel2021Masterman24:20.30 --
129Elizabeth Sayler2022Meyersdale Area24:22.00 114
130Julia Colton2022Troy24:24.30 --
131Sidney Urey2022Lakeview24:31.32 --
132Jodie Weidner2021Troy24:35.45 --
133Ava Willkinson2020North Catholic24:44.00 115
134gillian gaynor2020Riverview24:47.00 116
135Mya Schmilifineg2022Holy Cross High School25:02.50 117
136Erika Nestor2020Notre Dame Green Pond25:07.00 --
137Anna Spalvieri2022North Catholic25:11.68 --
138Jersey Wise2021West Greene High School25:14.64 118
139Gabriella Flemming2019Clarion Area25:20.00 119
140Camryn Eby2021Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy25:24.00 --
141Kiley Meek2022West Greene High School25:27.90 120
142Brynn Hershbine2020Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy25:33.00 --
143Elizabeth Saylor2022Meyersdale Area25:33.50 121
144Mackenzie Wenmoth2020Cranberry25:35.00 --
145Emily Ferguson2021Holy Cross High School25:36.80 122
146Lydia Barnard2021Lakeview25:40.39 --
147Rebekah Bollman2021North Catholic25:40.63 --
148Switzer Madelyn0Cranberry25:42.57 --
149Aliyah Dittman2022Clarion Area25:47.22 --
150Jamie Maxwell2022Lakeview25:48.45 --
151Laurel Ecklund2019Cranberry25:49.82 --
152Lauren Johnson2022Cranberry25:49.98 --
153Gianna Calciano2019Holy Cross High School25:51.90 --
154Jhanae Foxworth2020Paul Robeson School for Human Services25:53.60 123
155Katherine Bechter2020Meyersdale Area25:55.00 124
156Katelyn Maslonka2021Notre Dame Green Pond25:57.00 --
157Ava Stites2022Calvary Christian Academy25:57.90 125
158Maddie Stalter2020Camp Hill26:06.29 --
159Nadija Sulcaj2022Masterman26:13.60 --
160Mikaela Finlay2022Masterman26:14.40 --
161Grace Chang2022Masterman26:16.70 --
162Alayna Yost2020North Catholic26:21.20 --
163Ashley Best2020Union City Area26:21.81 --
164MK Rae2021North Catholic26:22.50 --
165Shyra Lute2019Marion Center Area26:23.26 --
166Quanajia Reed2022Paul Robeson School for Human Services26:39.60 126
167Charea Mason2020Neumann Goretti26:59.30 --
168Jahara Harrell2019Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:00.10 127
169Grace Schmader2022Clarion Area27:04.46 --
170Alyssa Foil2019Notre Dame Green Pond27:08.00 --
171Jensen Kesselring2021Union City Area27:13.50 --
172Kamry Chambers2021Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:15.90 128
173Sophie Williams2019Troy27:22.10 --
174Olivia Winton2021Calvary Christian Academy27:22.80 129
175Tyrenee Bacon2021Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:35.60 130
176Ceyonnah Creamer2020Paul Robeson School for Human Services27:48.10 131
177Alaina Barrick2019Lakeview27:58.00 --
178Ashley Landis2022Calvary Christian Academy27:58.30 --
179Giana Calciano2019Holy Cross High School28:05.00 --
179Sarah Collins2022West Greene High School28:05.00 --
181Kerriann Beard2021Meyersdale Area28:26.00 132
182Sarah Carnila2020Calvary Christian Academy28:47.50 --
183Sarah Cridland2019Calvary Christian Academy28:56.20 --
184Vanessa Yost2019Union City Area29:32.56 --
185Miranda Yacynych2021Meyersdale Area29:43.00 --
186Grace Moody2020Troy29:45.77 --
187Danielle Fox2021West Greene High School30:20.00 --
188Jada Rutling2022Paul Robeson School for Human Services32:22.20 133
189Grace Jones2021Union City Area33:03.70 --