PREVIEW: 2022 District 6 Championships

District 6 Class A Girls - Race Preview

  • State Qualifying Spots For Teams: 2
  • State Qualifying Spots For Individuals: 10

Individuals To Watch: Lanee Berkhimer (Martinsburg Central)Alexis Durn (Penns Valley), Lydia Miller (Marion Center), Lillyanna Smith (Penns Valley)

Contending Teams: Marion Center, Saint Joseph's Catholic, Penns Valley, United

The Rundown:

With two spots up for grabs and four teams in the running, we could see a dogfight on the cross country course as the girls in the 1A race scrap for every point. 

Marion Center Area enters as the early favorite. They do have Lydia Miller up front, and look for them to pile in their numbers after the first few runners. They most recently won the Heritage Conference Championship, holding off United who will also be in this championship battle on Saturday.

Saint Joseph's Catholic, Penns Valley Area, and United could all be in a very close battle for second. Penns Valley has the stout duo of Durn and Smith up front, but a lack of depth could hurt them. Saint Joseph's Catholic can't replicate the front running prowess of Durn and Smith, but they do churn out Amber Fischer who can run with them. They also have the advantage of depth and a tighter 1-5 compression.

United falls somewhere in the middle.

Lanee Berkhimer is the heavy individual favorite. The freshman finished second at LHAC with a 19:32.

District 6 Class AA Girls - Race Preview

  • State Qualifying Spots For Teams: 1
  • State Qualifying Spots For Individuals: 5

Individuals To Watch: Delaney Dumm (Forest Hills)Annaliese Niebauer (Central Cambria), Morgan Brandis (Central Cambria), Alaina Sheehan (Central Cambria), Abigail George (Central Cambria)

The Rundown:

Central Cambria is in pursuit of a state title and District 6 shouldn't slow them down. They have been hitting on all cylinders all year and rep a 19:43 1-5 average (based on season best). Expect to see seven Central Cambrians in the Top 12.

Delaney Dumm will do her all to lead Forest Hills past Central Cambria. She is one of the favorites after running 18:51 to win LHAC. That marked a personal best and her third win straight.

Annaliese Niebauer is a standout in her own right. She was third at LHAC and led four straight finishers from Central Cambria. She'll likely race with Dumm and bring teammates Morgan Brandis, Alaina Sheehan and Abigail George through with her.

District 6 Class AAA Girls - Race Preview

  • State Qualifying Spots For Teams: 1
  • State Qualifying Spots For Individuals: 5

Individuals To WatchMarlee Kwasnica (State College) Amy Devan (State College)Devon Jackson (State College), Chloe Poindexter (State College)

Contending Teams: State College Area, Altoona

The Rundown:

There is an inevitability heading into the District 6 Championship, and thats the State College girls winning their next district title. The Central PA giants, is all but a lock to make the state championship as long as nothing goes horribly awry. Look to Altoona to round out the Top-2

Look for one of State College's top four to take the individual title. That could be Kwasnica, Devan, Jackson or Poindexter. In all likelihood, it'll be the 2021 District 6 Champion - Kwasnica in the lead again this year.

Abbey Wolfe (Central Mountain) or Reese Wilber (Altoona) should be the first girls not from State College.